HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. I own one & wear occasionally. It is fine but remember Lamb scratches. You can rub small ones with your finger to blend. The trade off is the beauty of the leather
  2. Chanel is also the original WOC I believe. If that counts for anything [emoji57]??
  3. I recently purchased a large wallet on chain from Saint Laurent ($1550). My SA showed me both the small and larger and it was pretty clear that the small one can barely hold much. I purchased the monogram Saint Laurent envelope wallet and I love it! The straps can be adjusted. Just have a SA show you in how to do so.
  4. Thanks so much - I'll definitely need to go try them in person to see. I'm hoping they'll let me even try put a few things in to test it in the store! You're right, powder is so nice!
  5. Thanks - that's good to know! I'll be sure to ask them when I go try it, definitely going to have to do that!
  6. Don't worry they will!:smile:
  7. Agree that the small is really really small, but if you like the size, to each her own. Just bite the bullet and buy the bag, you'll love it!
  8. there's the new woc in tassle style. i initially look for the cassandre tassle bag and found that one which i loveee. has anyone purchased them? the thing that bothers me is the chain length which could be tackled by double looping around the flap but it seems ysl woc especially in lambskin one is less structured than chanel thus, affecting the structure of the bag. does anyone have the pic for the removable chain part? i kinda remember vaguely it could be adjusted from there instead of double looping it.
  9. IMG_1489271339.378568.jpg

    Ysl !!!

    Worth it!
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  10. Beautiful! May I ask, is this the larger size? I can really pare down what I carry for smaller-type bags but I am thinking based on the post here it seems the small may be too small for me. I want to see it in person but we're expecting snow this week so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to the store next weekend!
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    I purchased this beauty a while ago and it's been the first time I am trying to make a WOC work for me.


    She is beautiful and so elegant but honestly speaking I am struggling to fit all my necessities into this tiny little thing since I am usually a carefree tote girl. I have also considered the Chanel WOC but I found the YSL to be more edgy and fun as oppose to the Chanel one which is so classic that it's almost close to "grande dame" style, in my opinion. I love her on others but for myself see running the risk of looking too granny-ish, depending on the rest of your outfit.
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  12. YSL.
  13. Bag twin!! I've the exact same one! Love the vibrant red and yellow gold-tone chain contrast!
  14. That is a beautiful colour, very elegant :smile: I used to debate between this and the Chanel WOC too but it was pretty clear to me Chanel woc wasn't the best choice for me (however, their classic flaps are my go-to flap bags and I save the colour black only for my Chanel).
  15. I just purchased the medium WOC black with black hardware. I will be picking it up on Sunday, can't wait. Does anyone know if the black hardware chips? I was torn between the black and the silver hardware.
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