help, yoyo zeppa, yoyo slingback, patent slingback???

  1. can anyone tell me what this is called and recommend sizing. The eBay listing has it as yoyo zeppa. I am trying to follow the sizing guide and don't know what to call it. I am a us 8.5/9 (mainly 9) and I tried a few CL's and was a 39/9. (leather architek for one)Please help. Are they TTS, or need to go up. TIA
  2. It's the slingback version of Yoyo Zeppa, so style name is "Yoyo Sling Zeppa" or "Yoyo Zeppa Sling" (depends on which factory it came from, they sometimes label it slightly differently). Sizing is same as that for Yoyo Zeppa. If you're a 39 in Architeck then you should be ok with 39 in those (or maybe a 39.5, but I'm leaning more towards 39).
  3. thanks foxy.
  4. I agree with foxy!
    Those are very cute too! One of the many CL's on my watch list hehe
  5. Yeah, I love thoese too. I am searching for a pair also. :yes: