Help! "Your payment has been refunded"

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  1. I had an auction up which ended this morning. I sent the winner of the auction an invoice. I checked the status just now, and on top of my auction, it says "Your payment has been refunded" with buyer's postal code underneath. Has this happened to anyone?

    What should I do and what does this mean? I tried looking it up, but the answers were vague. I checked my PayPal account to see if the payment is there, and it is not.

  2. :shrugs: I don't know!

    This sounds kinda fishy. I don't know how a buyer can be refunded without a seller refunding it!
  3. Maybe your buyer cancelled the payment?
  4. Did it say how much was refunded? Buyers cannot cancel the payment unless it is an eCheck. Refund could only be done by seller, not buyer. You should call PayPal to find out. Their phone number is (888) 221-1161.
  5. Thanks I didn't know that.
  6. No, it doesn't say how much was refunded. I looked it up and it says PayPal could refund the buyer for a number of reasons, such as them not having enough funds in their account. But really, it could be anything.

    I was wondering if anybody else had the same thing happen to them. I'm going to try contacting the buyer :smile:.
  7. ^^ Keep us updated after you talk to PP, this sounds fishy indeed!
  8. Still no reply from the buyer! I will ask PayPal as you have suggested!
  9. I just had the same thing happen this morning, someone won my auction with BIN, I sent an invoice but when I went to the listing it says your payment has been refunded and there is no money or any refund in paypal. Maybe it is just a glitch on ebay's end.
  10. damn thats terrible! i hope you get it sorted ASAP let us know! x
  11. Thank you! Let's keep each other updated.

    Since my PayPal account didn't receive her payment, it means that she didn't send the payment, right? I'm just going to gauge the situation based on that. I reminded her of the payment date and sent her another invoice.

    When you found the message in your auction, did you receive payment in your PayPal?
  12. I just tried to pay for an item I bought and it says "payment refunded". When I go to the transaction, it says unclaimed by buyer? Is there something going on with Paypal?
  13. I checked paypal and there was no payment so I called them and they had no record of a payment or a return. I then emailed ebay and they got back to me but they blamed paypal so I had to email them back and tell them that it was coming up on ebay's site not paypal (I really wish you could talk to a person instead of this email crap) and it was on the ebay discussion board, they got back and said they are aware of the problem and are working on it. I also emailed the person who bought my item and explained what was going on and wanted to make sure if she had or hadn't paid yet, she also got the refunded message but she hadn't paid yet. So we decided to wait and see what happens and then she will pay. I think she's afraid her payment won't show up. I have to say though that I bought several items this weekend with no problem.
  14. Does it say unclaimed by buyer on paypal or ebay?