HELP! Your Expert Opinions on this Chocolate Edith?

  1. Honestly, truly, is this a good one or a Chucky? :cool:

    I hope these pictures work :shame:
  2. The texture and color looks lovely on that one! Definitely not a Chucky! I admit to not liking practically any chocolate Edith's but my own and now two days in a row there are finally two more great ones on this forum - Daisy's and yours!! :biggrin:

    Keep it!! The chocolate is the hardest color to find in both good color and texture.
  3. That bag is absolutely beautiful!! I love the pebbling on the leather!!
  4. Wow!!! Your chocolate is beautiful!!! IMO the prettiest Edith color!!!! (no offense to any whisky or chamois lovers...)
  5. Yummy!!! Chocolate!!
  6. I think she's beautiful... doesnt look like a chucky to me:biggrin:
  7. Definitely not chucky! (anyone else see SEED of CHUCKY last night! :shocked: :P ) IMO with chocolate you can probably get away with fewer scrumples because you're not starting with a briefcase color...
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