Help!! YES or NO?

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  1. I just got a call from my SA that the MC vendredi agneda I ordered (approx. a month ago) was in!! I'm torn....this style was discontinued a few months ago, and apparently (according to my SA), its the last one in Australia! I really want a large agenda/notebook, but right now my budget is kinda tight, and there are so many things that i want.

    Is it worth to spend AU$900 on a notebook:shrugs:??

    Anyone has the vendredi agneda? Do you love it? What refill do you use (besides LV)??

    I have only 2 hrs to decide:yucky:!!!

  2. :wtf: I'd SO get it! I love it.. and I didn't know it was discontinued!!!
  3. If you have the cash, get it! it's cute :love:
  4. Get it! You might regret not getting it later on especially since you ordered it and it's a discontinued item. Opportunity to own is knocking.
  5. If you have the cash I would go for it
    I "tried" it when i was looking for an agenda
    it looks soooooooooooooooooooooo usefull
    could be:
    note book

    because it is big
    pitty it is discontinued
  6. Get it it's gorgeous then if you change your mind you can always sell it on especially as it's discontinued
  7. Hmm..well, I do have the cash, but i was planning to use it on other things like cles and wallet!!!
  8. And, what kinda refill can i use in it? I don't wanna spend $$ on LV's, since i'll be doing heaps calculating and drawing on it. I checked filofax website, the only one seems to fit is A5 148 x 210mm.
  9. If it's discontinued might be worth getting it now than regretting later. Are you going to use it a lot? If it is, then it's justified!
  10. ^^Good point!! Now the only thing that bugs me is the refill!! They don't seem to have any refills left for the vendredi agenda. :push:
  11. for the size of that agenda
    and if you wanna make drawing (which means u need a lot of pages)
    I would say any normal note book pages would fit
    you yourself could even make only blank pages refill
    getting some nice paper measuring where the holes are and making them with that machine (i don't know how u call that in english but the one that makes holes in paper lol)
  12. I keep thinking~ for A$900, I can get LV sunnies + vernis cles; or riveting pochette; or Dentelle/Vernis wallet :wacko::wacko:. Although I can get all of these later, except the riveting pochette.
  13. Well if they dont have the refills I'd rather get something else like a wallet.
  14. It's cute, but for me, I'd just settle for a regular 3 ring notebook and get the other pieces you want instead. It just seems pricey for a notebook.
  15. if it's discontinued...would be hard to find refills?? I think it's very cute...the other things you want to buy sound :drool: