HELP!!! Yellow Chloe Paddington or Mousse Small Pocket?

  1. Hi Enablers:heart:

    I haven't seen yellow (juane) or Mousse in person since they first came out and forgot :cry:

    I have a chance to buy one or the other over the phone and have one picture only. Does anybody have anymore pictures they can post please to help me decide?

    I am attaching what I have. Opinions are so needed to help me decide :flowers:

    HELP ME PLEASE :roflmfao: :lol: :angel:
  2. Although juane is gorgeous, I am in love with Mousse! It has been way more versatile than I ever imagined and the color is TDF in real life! SO Mousse gets my vote! Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. Oh that's a tough one. I prefer the regular paddy satchel to the small pocket but I also prefer mousse to jaune. Jaune is a really unique color though and is great for summer. I saw it IRL for the first time a few weeks ago and liked it a lot more than I expected to.
    I think I would go with the jaune. Good luck deciding!
  4. This is good 1/1 :roflmfao:

    both maybe? no way I can afford both of them.
  5. My vote goes to mousse in color wise. But I don't like the front pocket style since it slouches a lot and the lock doesn;t rest nicely, always slips into the middle gap between two zips.:oh:
  6. Which would go better with your wardrobe? Which goes better with your coloring?

    Too bad you can't buy both!
  7. Mousse..hands down
  8. I vote for Mousse pocket!
  9. In a small pocket? Mousse. Otherwise its just too much yellow. I did see the jaune in a small zippy and I loved it! The color is so not me and wouldnt match my wardrobe but it looked nice.
  10. Both bags are nice so I'd pick which one would work best with your wardrobe.
  11. Thanks Ladies -

    I agree about the small pocket - I have one in black and it doesn't quite sit right for me. The yellow is fun, but not sure if it is that much money fun :oh:

    I went to Neimans today. The new Orange is to die for! And I am not even an Orange person. I had them hold one, but they only had the small pocket. The Edith looked a bit smaller than the original one. The prices on ALL the bags were the same! Nothing increased this time. :biggrin:

    I am thinking I should buy myself a desk and cabinet instead. We finished the 10 x 10 addition, and I do need furniture. We downsized from 4 BRS to 2, so I sit at the dining table or bar. I went to Pottery Barn and Z-Gallerie and I could furnish my spot for less than one bag :amazed:
  12. Juane!
  13. Go for the furniture! Then you will have a new spot to search for bags and talk to us.
  14. Edith was smaller? Interesting... I've noticed differences in 'stature' on the S/S 06 Ediths. I agree about the pocket - cute but it doesn't function well. If you HAD to buy one, I'd vote jaune, but furniture sounds even better!
  15. Mousse! I think the color is more versitle.