Help! Yay or nay on this tote?

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  1. Does this bag look cheap? I have to decide if its going back. Its D&G, on sale.

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  2. I like it!

    But ultimately you should go with your heart~ if you're just not feeling it, return it.
  3. Not my style at all and honestly, it does look cheap and boring. Just my honest opinion, of you love it and you think you'll use it, you should keep it!
  4. I like it!

    it's a nice simple tote that will go with everything!
  5. I like it. I don't think it looks cheap at all and could go with a lot of different outfits.
  6. It looks like it would be easy to take care of, great in crappy weather and like it would hold a ton. I say keep it if you got a good deal.
  7. Looks really bland and cheap to me.
  8. Since it was on sale and practical for everyday use then I would keep it. But if your going for fashion I'm not too crazy about it. Ultimately its how you feel about it.
  9. Thats part of it, I dont know if it was a good deal. Is $275 after tax a good deal? It was originally $1000. Yikes!
  10. Eep. :Push: I'm sorry but I think it looks cheap in a plasticky sort of way. It's like they had extra patent and said, "Just make a tote and slap a really small label on it and two tiny studs to hold the straps on!" I say return it and get something else that'll you love and never have to think twice about owning! ;)
  11. no, i will not pay more than 100 for it (bcux it is DG)- otherwise, a /NO buy
  12. To be honest, I don't like the shiny/glossy thing that bag's working. The fact that it's designer doesn't really sway me at all. Designers have released horrifically awful bags, and well...this might not be awful to that degree, but it's definitely not something I would buy. And definitely not for anything more than $50 to be honest....
  13. ITA! And I think $275 (or $1K for that matter) is overpriced for such a plain, typical style tote. I totally vote NAY over this one. :tdown:
  14. I think its cute, but my rule of thumb is to only buy something if I absolutely adore it. If I had doubts, I'd take it back.
  15. It doesn't look like a very notable bag, to be honest. The price that you paid, $275, does also seem awfully overpriced, for something that's so plain and normal-looking. It may seem like a bargain because of the markdown over the original price ($1000), but even the sale price doesn't seem that worthwhile, IMHO!

    If you do love it and think you'll use it a lot, though, then it might be worth its cost, and you should keep the bag. On the other hand, if you're having second doubts and are just really unsure, perhaps that's a sign that it should go back.