HELP! Yardwork!

  1. When my husband and I moved into our house 2 yrs ago, the yard was a mess...

    since then we've cleaned up some, but really we're just barely "maintaining" the mess...random weed pulling, lawn mowing on a regular basis...the dogs have messed up the front where there were a few plants and bushes

    the backyard is a mess, but its fenced in so at least we can work on it and our neighbors don't have to see it...

    the front is what i'm worried spring should I hire someone to do some landscaping, to neat and tidy it up and should we just maintain it from there on out?

    I absolutely HATE HATE HATE working in the yard...maybe it's worth hiring husband works a lot, so its hard for him to keep all of that up when he's home (plus he does an so-so job in my opinion :push:smile:

    I feel like we're the messy yard people of the neighborhood...our next door neighbors, there's like no one living there or someone bed one ever comes in our out but every couple of weeks someone comes and does the yard work and there is always just one light on in the house

    What can I do to get the yard in order and get it in a low maintenance kind of condition?
  2. Hire someone, it will be worth it. Try to make the lawn as low maintance as possible. Is there a teenager in the neighborhood that is willing to do this?
  3. Oh no, I love yard work! I take it as a way to clean my head. But an easy maintenance yard is a way to go in your case; that means no roses or other flowers that need pruning. You could make it into a "stone yard" which means it would be covered in various shapes and sizes full of yard stones, which makes it pretty and you don´t have to do anything after putting the stones in the ground.
  4. I'd get recommendations from people on someone to hire to landscape the yard for you. Brainstorm with them on ideas. Tell them you're not 'yard people' so that they will come up with good ideas that are easy to maintain yourselves. Who knows? Your dh may become good once he has a good canvas to work on. If not, then get someone to do it for you - if it's in your budget. Good luck!!
  5. P.S. Forgot to answer the dog issue. Tell them that!!! There are bushes that will not survive being young bushes if male dogs "use" them as their place to do their business. (trying to be delicate here :smile:) In the end, landscapers are worth their cost, because they know such things and can plant accordingly.
  6. Definitely hire someone. Even my mom who LOVES to garden has all the maintenance done by professionals. There are definitely options that are not high maintenance that will look attractive with minimal upkeep. Sounds like you just need to consult someone.. maybe even just at a nursery so you can buy the right plants if you don't want to pay someone to buy and plant everythin for you and you can just hire basic landscapers for yard maintenance.