Help!! Wrong bag shipped from Fashionphile!

  1. I was looking forward all day for my package to arrive via Fedex. I actually called 3 times wondering where the driver was. He was almost 2 hours late! Anyway, I opened the box expecting to see my beautiful black GM Noe. There it was, but it definitely was not the bag they showed in the pictures on their auction. That Noe had an interior zipper, this one did not. That Noe had I think it was a style # near the strap, this one did not. They reused the pictures for a bag that they sold on Oct 31st. I'm really disappointed: crybaby: Can anyone tell me if the one with the zipper is a newer bag. Thanks! Oh! And I am shipping it back!
  2. Have you contacted them? They're always happy to resolve any problems!
    BTW, the first listing has been removed?
  3. The first link does not work
  4. The bag with the zipper is older model..
    wow..I can't believe they recycled the pics..
  5. Whoah...I didn't know they recycled pics! That's awful. :sad:
  6. IMO Fashionphile has gotten pretty sloppy with their listing information and with answering emails in a timely fashion. It seems like since they've moved to Beverly Hills they just don't totally have their act together. About two months ago I was bidding on something that didn't even have the correct pictures for the listing...they used the same pics for two listings running at the same time for two totally different wallets! After I notified them of the total error of the listing it took them 4-5 days to get back to me! They apologized and canceled the listing.
    They should refund your return shipping costs too!
  7. Wow I don't know what to say...there has to be a mistake. I hope that it works out for you. I wonder if somehow the bags were switched and the previous buyer received yours and visa versa?? Let us know what they say.
  8. That stinks!!!! I feel so bad for you!
  9. They don't usually recycle the pics unless the bag was returned. If you are not happy with the bag return it. However, even though the bag with the pocket is older, I much rather have the pocket!:yes:
  10. Sorry for your Ebay nightmare. Who exactly is "Fashionphile"??

    Is she "Thisismybuyingid"??

    I gather both of them are lawyers...
  11. Yes, they are one and the same. "Fashionphile" sells..."Thisismybuyingid" purchases authentic LV pieces from poor, inexperienced suckers on eBay and flips them for a larger profit under the "Fashionphile" user ID.
  12. Ship it back immediately! You better get what you paid for~
  13. I've purchased from her twice and there was a glitch or two, but the communication was very good and they were happy to resolve things. I can't imagine you have anything to worry about. I understand your unhappiness, tho. You're waiting for your bag and it turns out not to be what you bought.
  14. Woah! How did you find this out ? :confused1:

    Guess I'm totally out of the loop :yes: Buy to resell on eBay? Hmmm :confused1: