*help!!* Would you tell your friend if her bag was fake?


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Mar 26, 2008
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Well....if they bought it from e-bay I would so if it weren't too late maybe she could return it and get her money back, but if it were a gift from someone , a boyfriend or a family member, that would be harder. Good question !


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Mar 30, 2008
Definitely! Don't want her making a fool of herself telling everyone it is LV, Coach, Gucci, etc.


Dec 6, 2007
if she bought it from ebay or from someone else and not sure if it's real...yeah will.

but if she knows that it's fake but still carries it...yikes!


But its on sale!
Jun 6, 2008
No doubt! I had to tell my girlfriend that her Coach bags that her husband brought her from Asia were fake. He is military so he went to the local flee market and bought her like 5 bags. It was a very nice thought but I had to break it down for her. She even called me when she was at a purse party last year and asked me what I thought about some LV the lady was selling. I told her what to look for on the bags and some questions to ask the "sales person" and when the lady couldn't answer them she got her answer. I love her to death but sometimes:noggin::lecture:


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Aug 13, 2007
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I would tell her it may hurt her feelings but if someone else tells her and she knows you knew then that might really hurt her feelings! JMHO!


Jun 24, 2008
If she really didn't know the bag was fake, I would tell her politely. But if it seemed like she knew but pretended it was real or just didn't care, I wouldn't want to embarass her.


Jun 18, 2008
where did she buy the bag? was she under the impression that it's real? if she is, i'd tell her. without hesitation. if she just bought it from ebay or something she needs to know so she can get her money back!


Aug 5, 2007
never again! :nogood:

in high school, there was this girl carrying a monogram papillon and i didnt really think anything about her bag like if it was real or not. then i had her in one of my classes... and i complimented on her gorgeous green eyes... but not her bag because i didnt care for her LV bag... but then we started to talk about bags... she went on and on about how much she loves LV... and she wanted to get a prada handbag next. i was thinking wow... she must be rich or something... *** my sister happened to have a mono papillon for christmas (directly from LV) and i deicded to compare the bags, of course without her knowing i d just stare at her bag whehn she was not looking... her bag has silver zipper with gold hardware... (not right...) and then i went home and checked my sister's papillon. it has gold zipper and gold hardware.. and i dont ermember where but my sis' papillon said made in france ... and then i checked that girl's bag and it said made in paris!! ha! i hated how she went blah bah blah like she was rich or something but had a fake LV bag! and then i told my friend that her bag was fake... and stupid me.. my so called friend told her and now she hated me... and talked so much **** about me just cause i said her bag was fake... oh well then a few months later she got over it and we were friends again...

lately i have seen obivious fakes (LV) but i keep my mouth shut now because i hate drama and it doesnt really matter to me anymore if people have fake bags... i only care that my bags are real! :P