HELP!! Would you Pay the Price???? #@*+&%

  1. Oh Boy...I am so nervous I don't know what to do.:hysteric: I really want to buy something and I don't know what to buy???!!! :confused1: I now have a Black Ostrich 32cm Kelly w/Gold HW, Black Box Bolide w/Gold HW (sent to Paris for new back in six months), Toile/Berenia Trim w/Palladium (might sell) and a Toile/Black Box Kelly w/Gold HW (vintage) and a Black Chamonix Drag w/Palladium HW (might sell).
    I am so tempted to buy a Birkin, but I mentioned in another thread that I've tried the 30 and 35cm and not sure now if I want to try a Birkin again. With all the chattering about Birkins from you lovely members it has got me aching for one again.:crybaby: The problem is that I want a bag like yesterday and I don't want to wait a long time...I am not getting any younger and when osteoporosis sets in (G_d forbid) I don't think I will want to carry that huge 35. I'm not sure if I'm a HAC person and...
    eBay is ridiculous, but would you pay the reseller's price just to get a bag you want or wait???? This is crazy that resellers take soooo much advantage of people....just terrible. Even used bags are selling at ridiculous prices!! I think I should change my profession to a Hermes reseller.;)
  2. I've never bought a Birkin on eBay before because of the high price although it can be quite tempting at times. I prefer to wait and buy it from H store.

    It depends on individual. Some people do not mind paying the premium to get the bag fast.
  3. If you've had experience with owning a Birkin(s) in the past, and you're still not sure if you love it, then I would suggest taking a deep breath and stepping back and just think about your next H bag a little longer until you are more sure of what makes your heart sing.
  4. i would rather wait then buy a birkin on eBay or from a reseller
  5. Waiting is worth it.....I'm waiting, and it is tearing me to pieces. I refuse to buy from a reseller. I refuse to buy from a reseller. I refuse.........
  6. :love: this!!
  7. Uhm...not everyone has access to a store so I for one is very greatful for resellers. That said, if you are still so undecided, I would wait for an opportunity to try them on and then make your final decision :heart: I thought the 32 HAC looked fabuous on you so maybe if you try one in non-dark color that might change your mind? There is also the HAC 28 to consider.....
  8. pursenality...I agree that buying from a reseller does have it's get the bag faster and there is a reason for that.
    Birkin123...Yes...maybe I should forget the Birkin right now.
    Solidgold2...It probably pays to up more money.
    icechick...Oh thanks!! I should try to find a 28cm HAC to try...good idea!!
  9. BTW not all resellers charge ridiculous prices for their bags. MOST do, but not all ;)
  10. Oops...sorry.
  11. Well you know I don't have one nor do I see one in my forseeable future... but for me, the thrill of ordering my own birkin... having it made just for me... coming through H.... going into the store and having the SA bring it out... these little things, that make you feel so special... that is what would make me want to get it from an H store and not a reseller. But that's just me. From the descriptions of the ladies here it just sounds like the most wonderful experience...!
  12. There is nothing wrong with buying on eBay or from a re-seller, IMO. I am sure everyone likes a good deal (or at least likes to pay retail!) but if you are like me and want the bag, as you said, "yesterday" then why not email re-seller and negotiate the price a bit?:idea: So many bags on eBay get re-listed month after month after month. I bet they (re-sellers) would rather sell the bag for a bit less than pay listing fees over and over.

    FYI, prices for H in Toronto are INSANE (after taxes and exchange) so, for me, it makes no difference really. eBay prices vs T.O. Hermes boutique prices are almost at par.:shocked: As a matter of fact, I purchased a brand new Kelly on eBay last year and saved myself over 3K!
  13. Honestly, I don't think the issue is whether or not to buy a birkin from a reseller or a store. I think (and you know I love you) that sometimes, when we see all the beautiful bags on the PF we just want everything! It becomes an obsession almost. But remember, these bags are made so incredibly well so that they can be worn, used, and enjoyed! IT is easy to just want to "acquire" the next H bag- and we all get caught up in it- but you have tried 2 different birkins and you did not like or enjoy either one of them. I think you really need to take a step back, and just enjoy what you have right now, because you truly don't know what you want!
  14. Try finding a bag through a reseller who is more of a lover of the brand than a person doing it solely for profit. It will take time but I think you will get a bag you are happy with that does not cost a fortune. If you want something by next Monday, createursdeluxe will charge you for it.
  15. I like Jag's advice and agree with her. Enjoy all your bags a bit before you rush for something you are still unsure of.