Help... Would you keep this bag? with this distressing?

Keep or Return?

  • Love the distressing, keep it!

  • Can't look past it, return it!

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Aug 30, 2006
In the South
So I received this gorgeous bag yesterday... and I really, really love tempete with the sgh in the PT style. BUT! when I looked on the backside... there's this dark line going across the two panels!

If this bag didn't have this line, there's no question, I would keep it. BUT! I don't know if I can look past this "distressing". My husband (who entertains my bag habit) says he doesn't even notice it... :rolleyes: but my eyes are drawn to the lines each time I look at the back... I tried doing a search in the forum for similar bags... with no luck.

So what would you do? Keep it because you love the style & color? or return it, hoping to find another one? (BTW, I did ask to exchange it, but there are no more in this color combo :shucks:)

Thanks so much ladies!!!


Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
That distressing is very odd - hard decision - on one hand it annoys me but on another it looks very unique -

but in past experience - if it bothers you now it is really going to bother you a lot in the future - for the money you should get the perfect bag for you

mere girl

Aug 12, 2008
United Kingdom
Hi - I'm afraid I couldn't live with that - it's not so much distressing as a fault? I would personally take it back and maybe hope another pops up somewhere?
It's a hard decision but it is alot of money and you should love it....

Feb 28, 2007
the islands
oh wow, i looked at the pics and then read your comment about the dark gray line and it wasn't until then that i noticed it. i agree w/nancy... if it bothers you now, return/exchange it. bal's are way too pricey for any of us to "settle". the bal's i love the most now are the ones i loved as soon as i laid eyes on them. the other two i was kind of "eh" about, but ended up keeping and i'm still "eh" about them every now and then... not because they're horrible, they're actually GORGEOUS, but the leather may have been too smooth/distressed then i truly wanted.


Sep 11, 2006
West Coast
I guess it woudlnt bother me because it's on the back side but for the price if you are not 100% happy return it did they have another one you can get?


Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
It would be noticeable to me as well ... but I see it looks like you have planned to return it. You will find another that you'll 100% love down the road! :smile:
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
Hmmmm...that is strange! I am typically not a stickler for minor details, but I think that would definitely bother me. I'd return it seeing that this is a newer color and you can more than likely find another.


in circles.....
Feb 15, 2010
Yes, this will bother me too. For the price, I want a perfect bag that I will be happy to have and to use. There are so many beautiful bags and wonderful colors to choose but maybe you can better just wait for quiet sometime and figure it out what other color that attracts your attention. Wish you luck.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Hmm, that looks more like a flaw than distressing. In the lighter photo it's not that noticeable but in the darker photo it definitely is prominent. I hope you can find another! Did you buy it from a boutique where there is no refund, only store credit?

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
Weird! If I were in your shoes I'd have a hard time making a decision. I'd want to keep it because the flaw is on the backside and no one will see it. Also, it's what I want and I have it and I'd be too impatient to wait for the replacement.

Then again, I'd want to return it because I'd be afraid it would hurt the resale value. And like purses & pugs said, for the price you should get a perfect bag.