HELP! won an item i never bidded on!

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  1. hi everyone! i woke up yesterday morning to see an email from an ebay seller with the receipt for the total to be paid for an item i'd won. the problem is, i never did bid on that item at all! :confused1: i've tried to email the seller, who's located in japan, to explain the situation, but so far, the seller has yet to get back to me.

    would anyone have any advice as to how i can sort this out. i would hate to get a NPB from the seller since my account is pristine - no strikes, etc - and i do want to keep it that way. :sad:

  2. Check your inbox in your Ebay account to see if the same invoice is there. This might be a scammer sending out an email.

    Not sure what to do if it is a legitimate invoice, other ladies here will be able to tell you the process. If it is real, it means someone's hacked your account and you need to change your password straight away.

    Good luck!
  3. Log into eBay and look at your bid history. It sounds like you may have just responded to a phishing e-mail and now someone has your log in details......

    If your bid history shows you've not bid on anything change your password IMMEDIATELY!!!
  4. ITA. But if the auction does show up in your bidding history, someone may have hijacked your account, so contact ebay immediately too!
  5. thanks for the help Cal! I checked my inbox but there's no sign of the message. However, on the summary page of "my ebay", it does reflect in the "items i've won" and that i need to pay for it. :confused1:

    mooks & oo_let_me_see, sorry for the dumb question, but whereabouts do i check the bidding history? i checked the auction listing and the bidding history on it, and it seems like i placed a bid for it in the last 4 seconds, which seems pretty impossible to me given that (a) i was asleep then and (b) my reflexes are never that fast!

    but thanks everyone for the advice, i've changed my password now, and as for contacting ebay, should i be emailing them or do i try live help for it? i know this sounds daft, it's never happened before since i try to keep things safe by having different passwords, not clicking on dubious links, etc.
  6. Contact live help, you'll have to go onto the .com site for this
  7. Someone obviously accessed your account and by the sounds of it using a sniping tool........make sure your password is letters and numbers and if you can remember them symbols such as ?* too
  8. thanks for that mooks!
    i just contacted live help which directed me to the account security live help which then directed me back to general support live help.

  9. They really are utter cretins at times!! Send an e-mail as well and make it very simple and clear or you'll get some crap bog standard cut and paste response
  10. Hope this is resolved for you soon! At first I thought you were talking about a scam email...
  11. ugggghhh!!!! this cannot get any worse, honestly ebay is giving me grief!

    they cancelled another auction i'd won (and which i DID bid on..and it was for an item i really wanted), but they REFUSED to cancel the auction i didn't bid on. I've already explained to them (back and forths between general support & account security) about the odd bid and they insist there's no fradulent activity.

  12. How can THEY insist?? You know you didn't bid....!! Sheesh, they drive you potty
  13. I had one recently.

    It was for a laptop, which had been sold in Feb 07. I had NO dealings with this name at all. So, not too sure how it happened.

    I immediately forwarded the email to and they responded saying it was in fact phishing, and they assured me that if there was any money from any of my accounts involved, they would automatically refund it, and reassured me that I would not be held responsible. Which was indeed reassuring.

    I had immediately checked my accounts and nothing was untoward.

    Hope it gets resolved.
  14. You don't use an online sniping service do you?
  15. mooks: spot on! i've been bounced back & forths now and the best they can do now is to tell me to send ebay an email. :cursing: i've even told them that i'm on a shared network and the rep even conceded that since it's a public computer, someone else could very well have logged into my account without my knowledge, so i don't understand how they can say there's no fradulent activity.

    sollytia: i used to use an auction sniper, but no longer since i'm so paranoid about scammers getting a hold of my ebay id/password through the sniper.