help with zippy wallet decision

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  1. For those of you that have them, how do you feel about them?
    It looks like it could actually be quite handy.

    Also, I absolutely love the black colorblock but now I'm debating the ocelot print because I think it would look amazing inside my carnelian basket clutch.
    Would you buy the colorblock (which I think is a little classier and I super love) or the ocelot since it's fun, a nice punch of color and would go great with the clutch?
  2. I like them but wished the strap on mine was removable for when I wanted to put it in my bag.
  3. I didn't even think about the strap. I'm debating between the zippy wallet and large clutch as well. So, that's another option.
  4. So true. I have 2 now, and really don't know why because the 1st one annoyed me so much with the strap. (Oh wait, I got the 2nd because it matched a certain Willis.... Still... ANNOYING!) It's really too bad because I like the style and how much they fit everything neatly. But UGH... Having to fiddle with the strap every single time I'm putting it back into my bag is a pain.
  5. Wow, thanks. I've never really looked at them before and wouldn't have thought about the strap. That probably would get annoying, so thanks for the heads up.
  6. Yes the strap can be annoying in a smaller bag. When I carried one in my Willis the strap drove me batty. If you carry a larger bag it isn't an issue though.

    Otherwise an extremely practical wallet.

    I love the look of the ocelot, but personally I prefer all leather wallets because they are easier to keep clean.
  7. I don't like the current zippy wallets at fp but loved my Madison gunmetal leather one till color faded because inside was leather too and most aren't now. I have switched to double zip wallets as they hold more and the strap is more convenient since I can remove it too
  8. I have a patent Julia zippy wallet and I love it! It's great when you just want to bring wallet, phone and keys (iPhone fits well). The strap is a little annoying in smaller bags but I've gotten used to it.
  9. I love my zippy wallets! The strap annoyed me at first, but I got used to it. Just as annoying as a wristlet when you think about it. This wallet holds alot without looking bulky or taking up much spaced because of its slim nature. I have 3 and 2 or the poppy leather ones with the slip pocket on the back. I actually put the wristlet stap in there most of the time to keep it out of the way. Hope that helps with your decision, and I love the Ocelot print zippy, so fun like you said.
  10. I have a black poppy zippy wallet and I love it. I use it as a small clutch all the time when I just need to run out for something quick. Funny, the strap has never bothered me, but I don't use it with any really small bags. I used to carry the zip around wallet but now I find the zippy to be much better, lighter and more practical (because it fits an iphone etc without being bulky).
  11. I love zippy wallets and have never been the least annoyed by the strap.

    In fact I find the strap quite convenient if I just want to run out nearby to get something when I'm at work.
  12. I have one... And use it when I travel.
    I like it because I do attach it to my purseto make sure I don't forget it any where..
    Plus it will hold my iPhone so when I want to head out light it's perfect!!!
  13. Why didn't I think of this??? That's a GREAT idea :biggrin: thanks for posting that!!
  14. Glad I could help;)
  15. Bump...

    I was looking at an MFF zippy wallet tonight as a gift for someone. They seem like the hold a lot... But my question is, are they annoying to get in and out of? It kind of seemed like it when I was looking at it tonight. Several of you mentioned the strap already... but are they easy to get in and out of? Do you guys think this would be a good gift? Or should I stick to a gift card... *LOL*