Help with your opinion on another designer brand LV

  1. I happened to log into the forum the other day and seen VLADS post on the LV Neverfull and fell in love with it. The MM size in particular.I don't normally browse the LV forum, but looked over the many threads started about this particular bag. I own only a few LV pieces and I think this would be a nice addition.
    I am on the Chanel thread so let me get on subject-.
    How many of you ladies who love Chanel oh so much like me are interested in getting this bag- or have already gotten it. The price is so great for so much bag.. I could see using the tote along with one of Chanel classics, or just carrying it as a bag by itself. I am so Chanel'd out. I carry Chanel bags everyday- along with wearing the shoes, a belt or an earring or even sunglasses - gosh- sunglasses another story- I am obsessed with them. Gosh I over do it.
    With the prices of chanel rising so much..I have to find something to curb the obsession to buy something "reasonable". I was supposed to go this weekend to look at the bag, but could not bring myself to goto the mail , in fear of buying some new shoes that are on sale, or looking for something chanel to buy.....I know you ladies understand..
    Few few... vent, I feel much better-
    So what do the chanel ladies think of the Neverfull. I know some of you have it, I seen your post--
    Mello (jen).. snowycoco...etc....
    I must say it is a great price..
  2. Chanel is my first love but I also have LV pieces.

    I am not a fan of the Neverfull though.
  3. I find that the mono canvas on LV bags now is much thinner than it used to be, so I feel that the bags don't hold their shapes as well as they should. I also feel this bag has handles that are too thin for it (JMO).

    The bag is nice enough, but I feel LV skimps now with their mono bags. No offense to anyone who has this bag or loves it.

    I really just want leather bags now, I love my Suhali LV bags, but to me Chanel is just better looking and feeling. I hate how high the prices are going, but this mean we won't see everyone and their sister carrying Chanel. I guess that's the upside???
  4. I haven't really stopped thinking about it since I saw vlad's post too. I think it can be a GREAT bag, but I have yet to see it in person, and OMG the price!! I could buy three of them instead of the next chanel I want...
  5. I'm not a fan of the Neverfill. Seems like another bag everyone and their mother will be carrying because it's a moderately priced, monogram bag.
  6. I dont like the handles but I have to tell ya. You really do get a lot of bag for your $. I think it would be a good schelpping around bag.
  7. I haven't bought a LV in a while but I thought it was a great bag at a great price and I am also tempted with with neverfull.
    I think bags are a matter of personal taste. So if you love it, go for it!
  8. I'm not a fan of Neverfull although I have many LV handbags.
  9. hmmmm..............
    still deciding.. its going to be one of those impulse purchases...............
  10. I think it's a nice bag from the pictures I've seen. I've yet to handle it in person though.

    I think it would be a good tote to throw around, take to the beach, etc...and for the price, you wouldn't stress it out nearly as much as if you bought a Chanel tote.
  11. I think it's a great idea!
  12. Well I do have the largest size Neverfull, and the straps although thin, are quite comfortable and the bag for the $$ is great. That said, I am only using it as a beach/pool tote, not a handbag. So ask yourself, will you carry it instead of a Chanel and when. For me it will be a tote not a handbag. KWIM?
  13. I like LV but not this bag.
  14. I have many LV's but love Chanel too :smile: I think this bag is a great deal, I already have one that looks similar so I am not getting it, but in person it's very nice. I wouldn't use it as a nice going out bag, but for shopping, etc it's great!
  15. LOL Addisonshopper i am exactly where you're at concerning LV and Chanel...i am first and foremost a Chanel girl and own 12, but lately am becoming obsessed with LV..for a few reasons which i will go into in a sec. Re: the Never., i think its a practical adorable bag...i checked out all 3 sizes in LV the other day and i think its a charming bag. and the insides are TDF. and although the straps are thin, when was the last time anyone heard of LV having a defect or a breakage of any of its parts? The point I am making is that imo LV is better made than Chanel, at least the newer Chanels are not of the quality we expect for the price. It also seems, from what I have heard, that its less of a hassle to get an LV fixed (a one year guarantee at the boutiques)(at Chanel, if after a few months something happens to the bag, its not going to be accompanied with a "oh sure no problem, we'll fix/replace it! attitude, more of a "what did you do to hurt the bag?")'s the obsession part, if sooo many people love LV, i started thinking that there's gotta be something to investigate here....sooo, i am expecting my 2nd LV, the revered discontinued graffiti speedy, and am thinking about the Neverful, the white MC Petit Noe, the GMs, MMs, PMs, QMs, whatever, :p, the gray denim patchwork god-help-me-now this-one's-over-$2K speedy, as well as the Beggars Bag, LVOE bags, etc etc...there's gonna be a whole new language to learn

    PS dont get me wrong, Chanel with its timeless classiness, beauty, and history, will always be no. 1 for me, i am just straying a little ;)