Help with woven novak

  1. Does anyone have one of these?Can you tell me about the leather on it?
    I have read that the regular leather novaks can scratch easily.

    Here's an example

  2. I have two Novaks, both regular leather (a black one and a tobacco brown that I have never used). I have seen the woven Novak in person and I do not care for it. The regular leather Novaks are much chicer and I think, are nicer looking as well. The leather on the woven Novaks is the same as the leather used on the all leather bags. The leather can scratch, but a little Apple Garde conditioner cleans the bag up nicely.
  3. who makes Novaks anyways? theyre gorgeous.
  4. unless novaks make novaks

  5. The designer is Alexander McQueen. The bags are made in very limited quantities. They are really gorgeous; and the details on the bag are amazing. Photos truly do not do these bags justice. They look great in photos, but they look even better in person.
  6. I had a woven Novak in the sand/beige color transferred into my local NM. It's a great bag. But I thought it was a little too understated and sedate for me. If you're looking for a great classic, everyday bag, then I think this would be a lovely bag. I just wanted something with a little more "punch." It does look like that it's very likely to scratch though...

    If you'd like to see the bag in person--you can always ask Nordy's to ship it out to you. The Fashion Valley store has the beige one in stock. Their number is 619.295.4441--ask for Joseph--he's great!
  7. ^^I finally got to meet the famous Joseph! I was at Nordstrom SD 2 weekends ago and got to talking with him not knowing who he was. Then he mentioned tPF! :biggrin: He mentioned you and I told him I know your username and that you contribute regularly to this forum and mention him all the time. He told me you're very nice! I wish you could have been there that Sunday too!
  8. ^^Awww. That's really cool! I'm glad you finally met Joseph. I really do think he's the best SA. He gives honest opinions, doesn't steer you to buy just for the sale. I guess he thinks I'm cool because I tell people to ask for him, lol. But I don't get a discount for this!!! Haha.
  9. ITA with Angstofgumby. The regular leather Novaks are much nicer, especially the dark colored ones. =)

  10. Treat the leather with Neetsfoot Oil and make sure you thouroughly work it in. It should stay protected and supple. Yes, I know this is a horse tack and saddle product (I use it for that, too) but it is a wonderful and useful product and works wonders. I think it is the best leather product out there and designed to protect and preserve leather products which will receive a lot of use.
    I use Neetsfoot Oil before I work the leather into garments or accessories and it maintains it feel and suppleness whilst resisting my own oils.
    Anyway, try it. You find Neetsfoot Oil at any leathergoods store or horse feed and tack store.
  11. thank you all for your suggestions.
    I'd love to get a regular novak in red but I don't think there are any around at the moment. I'm still debating the woven novak as the texture looks really nice on the NAP website.
  12. I think it would be virtually impossible to find a brand new, full size Red Novak at this point in time.

    If you can find an all leather Novak, go for the all leather as opposed to the woven. I think others here would agree with me: the Novak loses A LOT in the woven style. It's just not the same bag, and the higher price tag is definitely not worth it. The regular leather Novak is far superior in style.