help with winter clothes

  1. hi,i just moved to wisconsin and i lived in puerto rico.this is the first time i will live with snow im such a noobie because i dont know what to wear except for coats any suggestion what i should wear?like are long dress okay?sorry if this is a stupid question.I never lived in cold areas.
  2. Long dresses will probably be a little too cold for winter in the midwest. I recommend lots of tops and sweaters that layer easily, warm pants (materials like denim or wool are good because they're so heavy), boots, a WARM coat and lots of cute hats, scarves and gloves.

    You might also want to invest in some of these:
    I like this brand, because they're really soft and warm, but they're thin enough to wear under jeans and fitted tops.

    HTH and good luck with your new home! :flowers:
  3. Hi! I live in Wisconsin. Where in Wisconsin are you?

    I wouldn't wear long dresses in the snow here. The cold, windy drafts are going to go right up those skirts. In addition to the snow, watch out for the dirty slush in the streets.

    To work, I wear wool coats that are just above my knees with pants or skirts and tights.

    I just bought this coat, which I think will be fine for fall and early- to mid-winter:

    I'll wear boots en route to work, but change into heels when I get there and keep my boots under my desk. Bundle up with layers and scarves, gloves and hats. If you don't want to wear a hat, at least wear earmuffs. No one will care about how great you look in the dead of winter, just be warm!

    On weekends or when it's extremely cold, I wear a goose down parka. It's incredibly cozy! Coats from The North Face are also very popular:

    Hopes this gives you a good starting point!
  4. My suggestion would be to look at fashion magazines for winter clothes to get an idea of what type of clothes are worn in the winter time. Usually long sleeved clothing, tights/stockings for under skirts/dresses, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, coats, closed toed shoes. Anything that will keep you warm. I also suggest wearing thermals under your clothing to keep warm and a good pair of earmuffs. Stay warm this winter.
  5. I live in Chicago and I spend most of the winter in cashmere sweaters. It's worth the money, as it's light enough to put on TONS of layers, as you need it!
  6. Welcome to Wisconsin! I'm from the Milwaukee area. I would suggest lots of sweaters and cute hoodies that you can layer a tee underneath. Turtlenecks are also good if you don't mind wearing them. I pretty much wear jeans or yoga pants for bottoms. Forget about skirts or dresses. Boots are a must with the snow and slush. You can always bring shoes to change into at work or school.

    Hopefully, it will be a mild winter. Fingers crossed. :sweatdrop: