Help with White Multicolor Speedy

  1. I need some advice regarding the White Multicolor Speedy. I just bought this bag last year in France and I take very good care of the bag. I store it in the dustbag and I have only used it twice this year and a couple of times last year. When I took it out of the dustbag this morning, I saw a yellow stain on the front pocket. The rest of the bag doesn't have any yellow stain and still looks brand new. I was wondering if this has happended to anyone else and could it be from the dustbag. I'm wondering if the dustbag bled into the pocket. I used a damp cloth and it did not get rid of the yellow stain.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your MC Speedy, hon. I own the bag, too and I must say I'm puzzled as to how such a stain could get on it. I store my Speedy the same way you do and I haven't had that problem. I would go to the nearest LV & show the manager to see if they could help you out. Perhaps it was a defect of some sort.
  3. This is from the lining bleeding through the canvas. Unforetunatly, it is very common. Take it in to your store and they will either replace the whole bag, or send it off to replace the pocket free of charge. Sometimes, they can pretend they don't know what the problem is....don't let them get away with that, it is a 'known defect.'...LV term
  4. Thank you all for your great advice. I had just called the LV store in South Coast Plaza and the SA told me she has never heard of this happening, but did tell me to bring the handbag in on Monday and if they can't repair it they might just replace it with a new one. I'm so disappointed, because I love this one I picked out in France. I like the look and all of the bright pinks in the Paris LV store better than the ones in the U.S. I guess I should not store this one in the dustbag anymore. I was also wondering if I should not store my other LV handbags in the dustbags too? I have the Damier Speedy and the Damier Azur. How does everyone else store these handbags. Thanks again for all your great advice.
  5. i think the bleeding is not due to the dustbag. its a problem with the lining. the only thing i can think of is that maybe you're storing your bags in a humid place?

    but yes take it back to the store and have them replace the pocket! good luck! :smile:
  6. As Caley said, it is not the dustbag, it is the lining of the I said, this is a known defect....The SAs will often 'play' dumb...or some of them actually are dumb...if you have any problems ask for the repair specialist (every store has one) or the manager. Good luck, let us know what happens :smile:
  7. this is an issue with the mc line, best take the bag into your local lv and have a talk with them about replacing or fixing your bag. they are aware of this issue.

    good luck!
  8. this has happened to my MC keepall both front pockets are this horrible yellowish color. I took in to LV last year and said it would cost me $675 for them to replace the pockets. How can I get them to replace it free of charge?
  9. Tell them you've heard about it being a 'known defect' and you know someone that got their bag replaced. Don't let them give you hassle.
  10. great advice twinke.tink i have heard about that happening too. made me scared to get the bag, but if they know then they should fix it
  11. I wonder if that is why the newer MC bags are being lined with "microfiber" instead of alcantara ???
  12. Yes, it is a known defect. There were quite a number of PFers who were affect, including me. Just bring it in, show them you know what you are talking about (it's the lining and/or glue issue) and they should do the job for you. In my case, they gave me a full credit refund on the mini HL i had since they no longer produced the white version.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the MC line, ladies! I was sooo unaware of this issue & I already own 3 MC pieces. I don't know what I would do without TPF, I've learned so much from here. I'm actually going to print out this thread and keep it in a file if g** forbid anything should happen.

    TPF ROCKS! ! !
  14. ^^^It does appear that that have fixed the problem, as it hasn't shown up on any of the newer bags...just the initial ones from 2003.
  15. I am glad they did fix the problem.