Help With Wedding Present!!


Aug 29, 2008
Hi Everyone,

I need help with choosing a wedding gift! The couple is not registered and so I have no idea what to give. I want to avoid giving money. I have looked around and was thinking maybe I can get them a nice vase or even a electric George Foreman grill. Any ideas or suggestions???



pretty in pink
Mar 29, 2009
For the last two years, I have bought the same gift for everyone I know who has gotten married:

It's a framed picture of the night sky over the skyline where the wedding took place. They have skylines of many cities but they also have some generic ones you can choose. They put the stars and constellations as they appeared on the night of the wedding. You can then add the couple's name, the wedding date, and any personal message you want to the bottom (although I opted not to have anything printed besides their names and the wedding date).

There is also the old letter art standby. There are lots of companies making these now, so lots of letter options (and prices) to choose from: