Help with watermarking

  1. I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and wanted to do this type of watermarking. Can anyone give me a tutorial? It would be greatly greatly appreciated :flowers: TIA!
  2. It took me like 3 months to figure it out..LOL....I will Pm you tomorrow with my new knowledge..LOL
  3. yes!
    Open PS, then find and open your photo.
    There's a text tool/cursor in your toolbox, click on the tool and then click on your photo and type what you want your watermark to read.
    You may change the font style, size, color, etc. . .
    After you have it the way you want, click on "layers" and slide the opacity bar until it's ghosted enough for your preference, I usually go around 50%.
    Save picture.
    If this is confusing, let me know where you get stuck and I'll help you!
  4. Thanks! I have been using the opacity bar.
    Is there any way to make the color transparent? And how do you do the shadow? I cant seem to find it. I think I need the adobe photoshop for dummies book :shrugs:
  5. Opps, one more question ...

    Is there a way to save one logo and just open it each time or do I have to create it again and again?
  6. To make the color of the text transparent, slide the opacity bar left, I go about 50%, that means it's 50% transparent.
    To do a shadow or a beveled edge I click on layer styles and play w/ them until I find what I like.
    I use PS Elements however, so there may be some discrepancies.

    T:huh: make a logo to save, open PS and click on
    "File" then click on
    "New" you can choose your size or leave it defaulted and then name it and click "OK".
    The checkered background you should see at this point just means there's no background, so when you apply it to your photos the background will be transparent.
    When you're finished w/ your logo, save it.
    When you want to use it, finish editing your actual photo to be watermarked and then open your logo, just drag it onto your photo and move it where you want it then save it.

    I use PS everyday. . . if this is confusing let me know!