Help with watch winder for Rolex and keeping its time?

  1. I recently bought a Rolex lady datejust and have been wearing it every day but for different amounts of time and it is now several hours slow. I thought that if I wear it for at least a couple of hours every day that it wouldn't stop. I didnt notice that it stopped just that the time is now several hours slow. I would rather not have to keep winding it on my own to fix the time... Should I keep it in a watch winder until I am going to wear it that day? I have read that some can damage the watch is there a certain kind to get? The AD said that they sell one for around $150 or I can get one on eBay but there are so many different kinds on eBay and I have no idea what to look for...
  2. orbita and buben&zorweg make the best :yes:
  3. I heard that rolex winding must be around 40 in order to keep it away about 24 - 48 hours.

    a cheap watch winder would be good and more accuracy than the expensive one.
  4. If you are wearing it for a couple of hours only,that may be the problem(sorry if you know any of this already,but I want to try and cover as much as I can to help you out!!xxx)an auto has a thing in it thats called a rotor weight,this spins round and winds the mainspring which then gives the power to the rest of the movement to keep it running.When you wear the watch continuously the mainspring is always fully wound and giving the watch a nice constant power source.

    If the watch is worn sporadically the power source gets depleted and is rather like expecting a car to go all day on a sniff of fuel,it can't do it really. The watch needs a good source of power to do its job too.So the watch demands you wear it a certain amount of time,it keeps the rotor weight spinning from your movements through the day and powering it up.

    Try manually winding the watch to power it up properly then after its re-set check again at the end of the day for time keeping without adjusting it at all through the day.If its keeping good time,its likely you are'nt wearing it enough,if its lost time,even a minute or so,its not falling in its chronometer standard setting and will need to go back to Rolex to have a slight adjustment,don't worry it sometimes happens,I have sold literally hundreds of Rolex in my 14/15 years in the trade and I have seen it a few times with new Rolex.I wear one and own two,both of mine had to go for re-regulation,it varies from wearer to wearer.A collegue wore one of mine for a day as a test before I sent it back(I really did'nt want to part with it even for a day!!!) And annoyingly enough the bloody thing ran perfectly on her!!As soon as I put it on again it had lost a minute within an hour!!!

    So it was sent back with my recorded time loss,so they knew how the movement responded to me and could adust it to my paticular wearing style,as it was new and under warranty,it took about a week to correct and then ran bang on with me,on my collegue,we had a little experiment,it gained at a terrific rate!!!So i was actually quite smug as my 'baby' ran on me best,as no-one else who has tried wearing it gets the same precision out of it that I do!!!

    another quick question,are you a bit wary of wearing it all the time,as I know its a fairly recent purchase for you? If you are,don't be they are built with a suprising ruggedness,even the ladies ones! As they are totally waterproof I wear mine in the shower,bath,to wash up,wash the car so it gets a good cleaning, as I wear mine non-stop,even in bed,it freshens up the bracelet etc. And the time keeping has never been an issue since.I really hope this helps you as I remember the absolute delight with it when you got it!! I posted my congratulations on that thread!!! So I want you to get the bset out of it and keep on loving it!!!! Please let me know how you get on,as if I can give you any more advice I will be only too pleased to help you out!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. Never happened to any of my watches because I wear it for days before I switch to use the other one. I agree with Chaz! Wear it continuously! :tup:
  6. I wear mine for at least 16 hours a day to take off only when I shower and sleep. It stopped once when I forgot to wear it for 48 hours. AD told me the way you wear it makes a difference. If you are an active person and the watch receives plenty of wrist movement (like it aerobics), the power reserve lasts longer than if you are inactive. Don't be afraid to wear your watch during exercise. :wlae:
  7. I sometimes even wear it when I sleep just to keep it running! LOL
  8. Thanks for the info Chaz. Winding for me is inevitable b/c I don't wear mine daily.
  9. I have had a hunt about on-line and have seen some watchwinder boxes for $69 with three day shipping,they are a US based company.The $69 boxes are'nt that pretty,but I think leaving it out would be an easy steal for any potential burglars,
    so I would stuff it under the bed or in a closet.Hang on and I'll find the site and come back and tell you what its called!

    Ok,back again,the info is or put watch winders in on Google and that will throw up lots of options.
    This might be useful to all you ladies who wear your watch infrequently,it helps the movement from getting clogged with oil that evetuallt turns sludgy when its not run for some time.
  10. I made a promise to myself that if I purchased a Rolex I would wear it 24/7 so I wouldn't have to deal with it ever slowing down or stopping. I've kept the just becomes part of you....sort of like the Cartier Love bracelet...I didn't want to have to unscrew it all the time to take it off so I made the same promise!
  11. My Pearlmaster actually keeps running about 5 minutes fast! I've never had that with a Rolex before. I guess it really likes me or something! But I wear it all day, and I tend to move quite a lot, so that even if I don't wear it for a day or two, it stays on time or even fast for me. I don't use a watch winder.