Help with watch decisions!!!

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  1. Ok please help me!!!

    I just saw the new white ceremic white deco michele watch, so pretty really like it. I also love the j12 whtie ceramic watch but can only afford to purchase the one without the diamonds. Please tell me if you think i should purchase the chanel or Michele watch? All opinions are welcomed!!!!!

    The michele is cheaper but does have diamonds. I am so confused!!!
  2. Chanel
  3. I'm not a great fan of the J12 but I like the look of it better. Which shape do you prefer though? The J12 has a circular face whilst the Michele has a squarish one. There has to be one you prefer more.;)
  4. Sometimes for me, if I really wanted the Chanel, but was trying to be "good" and spend less and bought the Michele, I would end up later buying the Chanel and selling the Michele...which in the end is a loss and waste of money. If your heart says Chanel...but you are trying to settle, can you be happy?? If that's not it...I love Michele watches and think they have decent prices...
  5. hmmm J12 hands down!