help with wallet

  1. need a wallet to go with my damier bags...I'm thinking reg damier french purse or azur french purse. any opinions?:smile:
  2. How about something in red epi or pomme to match that lovely red damier lining?
  3. I love the idea to go with the red lining, good call!
  4. I would go with something in the epi line.
  5. what about Damier Brazza?
  6. anything red! or anything "checkered"! what about the damier koala wallet? or the pomme koala?
    or the pomme billfold?
    or the damier tresor
    or my fav of the moment! damier portefeuille accordeon
  7. well...actually I wanted to get the vernis pomme french purse. I was a little concerned about the red suede lining rubbing onto the vernis wallet, so I asked a SA today about it and she said the wallet might get darker in some areas from the I kinda changed my mind on that. That's why I was thinking of a damier or azur one. What do you think about what the SA said...true???:confused1:
  8. Vernis does risk color transfer, but if you were to use a purseket or choose pomme, i don't think lining would xfer color on vernis.
  9. OT- Didnt you post a thread like this a while back??

    I choose the Brazza!!
  10. I was going to suggest something in Pomme because I love how it looks with the Damier. I think that it's dark enough to not worry about the color transfer, but I can't be certain.

    If you do go with the pomme, then it'll match other bags too.
  11. I'd go w/ something Pomme!
  12. I love this suggestion!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: