Help with Vit Daino Tote Please

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  1. I was hoping that someone could describe how the vit daino tote sits when carried with its long shoulder strap. I'd really like a nice tote for work, but I really like a shoulder strap. I'm assuming that the handles are too small to go over the shoulder! I'm just a bit worried that as it doesn't zip, that it might gape open a bit when carried with the long strap.

    If anyone has a modelling photo it would be great!!
  2. Please post a picture or link, so we know which tote you are referring to. I had a vit daino tote, but it had a snap closure, not a zip. The longer strap worked great, because it clips on to each side of the bag, not the handles, therefore, the bag didn't tilt.
  3. This is the style I mean. I sometimes worry that just the snap closure isn't secure enough and that it kind of gapes if you carry by shoulder strap.

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  4. I did end up returning the bag, because I found a different tote that I liked better. I agree that the open top is not that secure. But, the inside does have a large pocket that snaps close and a zipper pocket that could be used to secure a wallet, cell phone, etc.
  5. Thank you kiss_p, you've been very helpful. I'm just having trouble finding the perfect tote. All the zip up styles seem to have the longer double straps and it always drives me crazy because 1 strap always slips off the shoulder!!
  6. I tried out this bag and found that it gaped open and that it didn't sit well when loaded up. The bag did better when I carried it from the hand or wrist, but it was awkward. I didn't keep it even though originally I loved it!
  7. modeling pictures would be great! i want to see how it's carried too. i didn't 'get mine in the mail yet and i'm thinking of returning it bc of the big gap.
  8. Fellow tpf member "oscarlilytc" has some modelling pics of this tote under another post. Sorry, I don't know how to attach her pics to this thread.
  9. I decided on this bag anyway. It arrived 2 days ago!! I love it - it came to work with me today for the first time. It sits really well and doesn't gape at all. You can tell it will soften really well with use and just get better and better. It's really comfortable to carry with the shoulder strap. Here are my pictures - sorry for the quality - photography is not really my thing!! The colour is Bruciato a really nice chocolate brown, not as bright as the flash shows.

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  10. PS - That's my DH in the photos not me!! :heart: He is 6' and the strap is on the shortest setting. At it's longest is could be worn messenger style.
  11. Cute bag! Love the color.