Help with vintage Hermes Bag - is it Lydie??

  1. At the advise of others, I am [hopefully] re-posting to the right area.

    Hello - I am new to Hermes bags. I received a vintage bag my mom's friend who is about 90 years old. I wanted to sell the bag but not sure what the worth is or anything about it.

    Little information - It's a small clutch shoulder bag. It has gold snap for closing. The color is almost a yellowish-beige. What I'm confused with is the exterior. It's almost like a crocodile type of pattern, much smaller type of scaling. Not quite sure. Interior is letter. It has all gold hardware with gold chains to hold the strap. It has 2 compartments.

    I do have an update to my last post - I believe the bag may be a Lydie Clutch, from what I have read & researched on the internet. Not sure & still unsure of resale value.

    If anyone can shed some light as to the make up and worth, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!:shame:
  2. Is it possible to post pictures? I really just want to see the color and scale pattern.
  3. Picture!!
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