Help with Victorias Secret sizing!

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  1. Can anyone tell me how vs sizing runs? im mostly looking at pants, can anyone give a comparison between say, express, or limited?
  2. I believe VS owns the Limited, so their pant sizing should be similar.
  3. I have only bought VSC jeans, but they seem to run the same for me as other brands I buy
  4. In my experience their sizing is inconsistent. I once bought 2 pairs of black pants in the same cut, slightly different style. Both size 2 long (34"). One pair fit fine the other pair was very snug and too short. Bizarre. I also have 2 pair of their terry cloth pants in small. Both are a tiny bit on the baggy side but still wearable. Ordered a pair of terry capris in small and they were (gasp) too small to even wear. If you are in between sizes I would err on the possibility of running small but they are really a gamble on sizing. I've had much better luck with tops. They seem to run tts- maybe a tad small.
  5. The dresses run big.
  6. HUGE. The quality is very poor as well.
  7. Hi there! I have bought several pairs of jeans from VS in different cuts. And I have to agree with Nseastar.....their sizes are inconsistent. I usually wear a 6-7 and I have found myself going a size up to a 8 in VS jeans. There was only 1 pair of jeans that fit true to size and fit me perfectly. But for some reason, they do not make many washes for that jean. I had other cuts in a 6 and I struggled to pull them up! So after many trial & error, and returns & exchanges, I have determined that their jeans run a bit small so your best bet is to order a size up. Good Luck! Hope this helps! :smile: