help with unpaid dispute

  1. Hi everyone,
    I guess this has already been discussed but I couldn't find a thread with a situation similar to mine so I guess I need the help of Ebayers with unpaid dispute experience!
    Here's the deal, 10 days ago I sold a Balenciaga bag on ebay. In the description I explained that I was reluctantly selling it to cover necessary expenses (ie my rent!!!:wtf: ) and asked extra for non paying bidders to stay away. Anyway one day before the end of the auction I'm getting a message from an ebayer (sd.chic if anyone knows her??) asking what's the condition of the bag. I answered even if it was already described but I guess that's ok when you're paying more than $500 to get a bag. Turns out she wins this auction (second bidder was a lovely Pfer :crybaby: ). And since then no answers to any of my mails and invoices. (and I stayed nice and said I would understand if she had unexpected financial difficulties or else that she had great feedback so far and that I gave her the benefit of doubt, and that I just wanted to know what was going on)
    I re-checked this girl's feedback, it's 100% positive, how could I possibly guess what was going to happen?! then again all the auctions she won recently were for swimwear and make up so nothing above $50 I guess.
    I had to wait 7 days to file an unpaid item dispute, she's still not answering!!!
    Now my concern is: will her record somehow show that she did not pay for the bag? I haven't left neg feedback cause I dont want to ruin my 100% positive with an unjustified retaliation (so unfair), but then again sellers should know (that's why I took the liberty to mention her ebay id, no slanting meant but if she's bidding on one of your bag I guess you would wanna know)!
    I've lost time and money because of her, this is really frustrating! and ebay won't answer my emails! (that's why I'm turning to you guys)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. after the 7th day of your UPI being filed, then you can give her a strike (which wont show up visably), give her a neg, and if she didn't respond, she can't leave a neg back.
  3. oh ok, good to know, thanks allison! also I may be able to sell my bag with a second chance offer after all. Is it okay to do that before I can issue a strike? (I mean I'm in a very uncomfortable financial situation right now and I can't afford to wait that long) but I don't want to give the non paying bidder a chance to get after me like seller did not wait and sold the bag to so else?!
  4. if you file UPI and she doesn't respond you will get yout final value fees back. Sadly, you wont get your listing fees back :sad:

    you can check with "advanced search to see if she has bid on antyhiung recently, or left feedback, so that you can tell if she is deliberately avoiding payment. (just in case there is a genuine problem)
  5. Thanks MissTHing! but how does this advanced search to see if she's bidding on sthg else work?? that's exactly what I've been wanting to know! (I mean as far as I know she could like really have a family problem or sthg serious and knowing whether she's still active on Ebay would help)
    Also will I get the FVF back if I sell my item with a second chance offer?
  6. Go to advanced search and do a search by bidder, you can see everything she's bidded on and is currently bidding on.
    ^^She's right, after you file a NPB alert wait 7 days and then NEG her, you owe it to the rest of us eBayers to give her appropriate feedback. She CANNOT retaliate since eBay changed some rules. If you file a NPB alert and she doesn't respond, her feedback rights are forfeited and she isn't able to leave you feedback, you're safe.
    Go ahead and send your 2nd chance offer, that's fine.
  7. you know the "advanced search" link just underneath the searcg button, click on that, then select "find items by bidder" type in the person's name and tick the box for "completed listings" too.

    then you can see if she dhas bid on anything in the past 30 days.

    you can also check her own profile to see if she has left feedback for anyone. that means she has been online

    As for second chance offers, I think you have to wait for ebay to grant your fees (the buyer will then get a strike) before you can sell to someoene else.
  8. Thanks so much you guys really rock, who needs Ebay help when you're here!:rochard:
    So I've checked and she bid on something two days after the end of my auction but I don't know if she paid for that and since then she hasn't been active so I cannot accuse her of deliberately not answering me (well only for the first 2 days after the end of the auction) . Now I have the confirmation that she only buys stuff under $40 on maybe she got buyer's remorse for a $500+ bag?
    anyway I'm still confused about proceeding with the second chance offer. If I do it now, I wont get the FVF back, right?
  9. you wont get the FVF fees back if you do a SCO, but you wont have to pay the FVF twice.
  10. oh and you don't have to wait to do a SCO. Once you file the UPI and decide you don't want to sell to the first buyer, you're free to relist, do a SCO, burn the item, whatever you want.
  11. Thanks Allison you're a real expert when it comes to Ebay, custom forms (you also helped me on the Balenciaga forum)etc, I appreciate your help!:flowers:
  12. Did you state only accepting Paypal? Cause if you stated you accept MO or personal check anywhere in the auction, she might've sent the MO or Personal Check off already?
  13. I Haven't thought of that Kathyrose :graucho: , but no i haven't mentioned accepting MO/checks. But if she did why wouldn't she send an email to let me know?
  14. awww I just do what I can to make Ebay and Paypal and easy experience for everyone :flowers:
  15. she should still be responding, also, most people ask to confirm your address before sending money through the mail.