help with ugg slippers, please!

  1. hey all....i'm hoping you ladies can help me with an "uggs" dilemma. to preface, i'm not normally a huge uggs fan (but i know MANY are!), but i have to admit they are super comfy & warm. since my toes are literally always frozen solid, i really want a pair of uggs slippers.

    the problem is that most, if not all, are sold out now. i have only been able to find the following: an ugg bella in coffee (dark brown) and an ugg dakota in tobacco (tan), and that was after a TON of searching. here's the issue: i think i prefer the sole on the dakota (it's rubber, while the bella sole is leather), since i think it will be better for outdoor wear? but the lighter color of the dakota is concerning experience with suede shoes is that dark is always the best idea. plus, i have to admit, i love the shorter top of the works better with pants, i think.

    what do you all think? any experience with the leather soles that bella has? what about with the dakota? and am i right to be concerned about the lighter color staining easily? i want these to be shoes i can wear to run to the grocery store or walk the dog, but not for all-day wear or anything.

    ideas? thoughts??

    oh, for reference, pics of the bella here (wrong color, though): - Ugg Bella

    and the dakota here (color is correct): - Ugg Dakota

    thanks so much...i'm having way too hard a time making this decision! LOL... :shame:
  2. anyone? :angel:
  3. adding a rubber sole to the bella would solve that concern, and buying a spray waterproof protectant should help protect light colors. a good shoe repair person can also recommend stain removal products should you need it. otherwise, leave it to a professional.

    hope these suggestions help...I'd say go with the shoe you like more, the rest can be worked around.
  4. I have four pairs of Ugg slippers, but none are the ones you have chosen. They all have rubber soles with some tread on them so I think you could wear them outside a bit, although I don't. (Well, unless I walk down the driveway to get the newspaper.)

    I love them so much... and I have never had slippers that I loved. Besides being fleece lined and comfy, the soles are sturdy and don't flop around. For some reason I always have that problem with inexpensive slippers.
  5. is Zappos all sold out? they always have a bunch of uggs in every design in stock


    i dont like either of those. i like the ones with tread on the bottom like leelee. i believe the ones i have are coquettes? they are open in the back and come in all the colors. i have them in chestnut.
  6. thanks you guys :smile: sweetkandy, they are all sold out at all of those places...i wear an 11, which doesn't help, but they're mostly only available in a 5 everywhere i looked.

    i'm leaning toward keeping the bella - that is def. the style i like more. i'm still kind of worried about the leather sole, but my cobbler wants $35 to put rubber soles on them, and i hate to have to spend that much right away on shoes that are already so pricey. it did occur to me that lots of other shoes have leather soles, and we wear those just fine, right? so maybe these will work as long as i don't wear them out when it's wet?

    lol...i never thought choosing slippers could be such a tough decision! :shame:
  7. the leather soles on those shouldn't be too bad--they'll be fine on the regular cement, the water issue troubles me though. Why don't you just buy a regular pair of ugg boots, like the classics, and wear those as your slippers/homes shoes? They're better than regular slippers---they're as comfy, soft, warmer, have a rubber sole (so u don't have to worry about the sole in rain) I wear my classics as my slippers, and then have other pairs of uggs as my going out pairs. And sometimes when it's really cold, I'll wear them to bed--there's nothing like having soft sheepskin with me in bed, lol.
  8. i have the bella. i wear it inside only. it's a great slipper but buy a size or a half a size up. mine are tight.
  9. I have the dakota and my daughter has the bella- we both wear them out. I thought the dakota's were more comfortable- tried on both styles. I found in both of these styles we wore our actual size, where in the boots we had to go down a size or two. Zappos is great since if you order the wrong size they have the free return shipping
  10. I have the cozy's in sand.....

    [​IMG]These are the best IMO. I wear them outside and in...have you searched eBay? that is where I got mine...A seller from australia. If I knew HOW comfortable they were, I would have bought more! i ended paying $50.00 with shipping.:yes:
  11. have a pair on there sale stuff...just check for a couple days to try and get yr size

    good luck
  12. thanks everyone! i decided to keep the bellas....i wore them out tonight & they are just SO them! can't quite go to the boots yet, but i do love the slippers!

    really appreciate the help! :smile: