Help with Tsubi/Ksubi sizing please!


Apr 28, 2008
Sunny SoCal
I tried on some Tsubi skinny zipper jeans today and absolutely loved the style. However, I had to go 2 sizes up for them to fit comfortably in the hip area. I didn't end up getting them because I have a sizing concern.

Does anyone have experience with these? Do the Tsubi/Ksubi skinny jeans with stretch added stretch out a lot with wear (that is, would going up 2 whole sizes be a bad thing in the long run)?

TIA :smile:
Oct 12, 2007
I have Tsubi superskinny zipper jeans in black, which is my long-time favorite. I am wearing it now actually. It does stretch a little bit with wear, but not a lot. After washing it, it comes back to the original shape. I have to go one size up for this particular style.