Help with trip to Montreal!

Jan 9, 2006
Alright, all you Canadian PFers ... I need some help. :graucho:

I'm going to Montreal for a long weekend in April (Thurs - Sun). I have never been to Canada, nor do I really know a thing about Montreal, so HELP ME! I am going to see a concert Fri. & Sat. night (Lara Fabian ... anyone know her? :yahoo:) at L'Olympia and would like to stay as close as possible to there. Can anyone suggest some hotels to look at? Also, any suggestions on what to do during the day? Anything I can't miss?

Okay, what I really want to know:

1. Will I need a passport? I know you used to be able to get through with a birth certificate + DL, but they are changing that for the Bahamas, so I wasn't sure about Canada too.

2. Transportation. Do I need to rent a car? Will there be enough things within walking distance to do?

3. I may or may not be going alone (happens to be at the start of finals week ... not sure if I can convince the BF to go, even if I pay). Anything I need to worry about other than random city stuff?

4. $$ ... do I need to have any money changed into CAD? I was planning on using my debit/credit card for most things, but for like the cab from the airport and stuff (or is there a better way to get from the airport besides cab?)

Sorry for my ignorance and thanks in advance. :biggrin: I am going to buy a Montreal travel book tomorrow, but thought I'd ask here too.
Dec 8, 2006
Im not Canadian, but I want to visit Montreal too! I may do it for winter break, like mid-January or before new years. Bringing your passport is a given, anytime you leave the country. They'll probalby let you get by with a BC, but I dont see any advantages to that, its more hassle. And I dont feel confortable using that as ID, risk getting it damaged.

I just want to visit a francophone country. I live in michigan, and I know that all of canada is francophone, but its not the primary language in windsor. And I want to immerse myself in french culture. :yes:


Oct 1, 2006
I'm not Canadian, but I've visited a few times so I can at least help you with two questions.
1. At this point you don't need a passport, a DL & BC will get you by. But early next year you will need a passport to get in via air travel and by (I think) by 2008 you'll need one to get in period. So it's a good idea to get that passport soon if you don't have one!

4. You don't have to get your money changed. Debit is definitely the way to go in Canada!! I only used Canadian money in the casino :graucho: . And other smaller places will take USD *BUT* they usually won't give you the exchange rate, they'll just treat it like Candian dollars and you end up losing a few cents.

Have a fabulous trip!!