Help with torn leather and exposed lining under leather piping

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  1. Dear all,

    I recently won an auction on ebay (after losing out so many time) for a balenciaga twiggy. I got it for a fair price knowing that I would have to do some work on it. I really wanted to do a restoration project

    These are the problem areas that I need your recommendations for in terms of what products to use and if I should bring to a leather expert or can I do it myself (so it's cheaper)

    Do you think this is still repairable?

    More photos of the torn leather

    For the scuffs, I'm thinking of using leather honey as was advised here. Or if anyone else thinks there's something better for the condition my bag is in:

    Thank you so much in advance!!!!!!
  2. More pics


    Thanks everyone!!!
  3. Help pls...
  4. It depends of what you paid for it. But, if it is your first Bal, I would´t recommend you to do anything on it. On the other side, if you paid a low price perhaps sending it out for a restore would be quite expensive.

  5. Thank you so much aalinne! I paid $200 for it which I thought was pretty fair.
    It's my 1st preloved and 2nd bal.
    I'm scheduled to receive it in the mail on saturday and meanwhile, I showed the pics to our local cobbler. She recommended to just dye the whole
    thing including the handles. She couldn't give me a quote yet coz she hasn't seen the purse yet. I'm anxious and excited about it.
  6. Don't rush out to dye it just yet, I've read many who have done so say it changes the character of the leather. Post more pics when you receive the bag, there are some great DIY people in the care and maintenance thread that may be able to help. At $200 you have a bag that, with some help, can make a great fixer upper! If it was my bag I would try less drastic measures to try and preserve as much of the original colour and texture of the leather as possible. And while many swear by Leather Honey, it seems as though just as many have had problems with of luck, if you decide to restore it yourself ask some of the knowledgeable people on the C&M forum for assistance!

  7. Thank you so much for your advice! I'm hoping the bag doesn't look as bad IRL. I'll keep you posted!
  8. Looking forward to it!
  9. Totally agree!:smile:
    Wait until it arrives and post pics or start a thread on C&M. Don´t dye it for now.
  10. I really wouldn't dye it, as that completely changes the texture - and not in a good way. Slather it in Leather Honey, you mind find that works a miracle ️
  11. I think HL would work good on dark colored Bal leathers applying thin layers of product. I ordered a 8 oz bottle a week ago, but I will be very careful and always using a tiny amount on my 03 and 05 blk city.

  12. Thank you so much ladies! I now have the leather honey, zelikovitz, edge kote and collonil water proofer ready. The only thing I missing is the #2 paint brush. I'm giddy with excitement! The purse is set to arrive tomorrow afternoon. If this project turns out to be successful, this might potentially make me a preloved bags addict!

    Thanks again!!