Help with TimelessClutch--White Caviar/BlackPatent/RedLambskin/Black cavi

  1. Help with Timeless Clutch--:smile:

    what to choose?

    White Caviar/Black Caviar


    Red Lambskin/white Lambskin


    White Patent(doubt if they have..)/Black Patent?

    Thanks a lot....

    which are/is more dressy?
    which are/is more for the daily use?
    and especially confused with the red do you feel about it?

    borrow the red lambskin picture from our member---really appreciate!:smile::heart:
  2. pictures borrowed from our member
    4.1.jpg 2.jpg
  3. red lambskin
    Resize of 6.jpg
  4. I personally prefer black...patent or caviar. I'd be scared to use the white one too much, since it's a clutch and I don't know how the leather would hold up over time.

    IMO the patents are more dressy.
  5. I'm really in love with the black patent right now. :yes:
  6. I will still go for the black caviar as it's the least color/leather that will not worried abt getting scratches/dirty.
  7. I really love the black for evenings and easy to match.
  8. I love the red lambskin, but for the most useage you would probably be best off with the black caviar...
  9. och its a hard one, I adore all of them. I would definately choose caviar or patent, I just dont think that the lambskin would hold up to the constant palm holding.

    Colour, gosh, depends on what is in your wardrobe. A patent black is incredible, but white is super cute too :biggrin:

    which one grabs you that little bit more ! ;)
  10. The black caviar would be the most versatile.
  11. Another vote for the black caviar. I have one, and it is maintenance free.
  12. yummy black patent ;) i canceled on her cause of my bigger plans to get a patent jumbo... sighhh :sad:
  13. I would go for the black patent or a red one. Though I think in lambskin maybe not so practical, I would take a red caviar if they had it.
    good luck deciding!
  14. Black patent!:tup:
  15. white caviar!! especially if you already own a lot of black bags!!