Help with timeless clutch!

  1. I just received a black caviar clutch from Saks. It's a Made In Italy, I'm not sure if it's common with the clutch. When the clutch is close there's a gap big enough to be noticeable, shouldn't it be close snug? The quilting is also not aligne with the CC clasp.
  2. I tried to post a pic but I'm computer challenge and the file exceed the limit. I hope I descripe it clear enough. The clutch is hot even with the imperfections. I just want to make sure it's a defect before I drive for more than an hour to BH for an exchange.
  3. I bought the Patent Timeless Clutch yesterday. Not sure I am keeping it even though I love it. Mine is Made In France but I did see one at the store that was Made In Italy. They can be made in both countries. Mine closes all the way with no gap and the quilting on it is perfect with the CC clasp. So it does sound like yours needs to be exchanged. A photo of course would help though ;)
  4. I would think the clutch would close completely. If there is a gap, definitely bring it back to the store to exchange it. Just call in advance to make sure they have another in stock for you if you intend to exchange it because you will be driving such a long distance.
  5. Do you have something stuck in the opening? Mine doesn't close all the way if I have a card or something sticking out.
  6. I got a black lambskin, black patent and white caviar and all are "Made in France". I have not seen any with Made in Italy...but it is good to know for future reference there are some from Italy. Good luck getting your clutch exchanged, certainly don't keep it if you are not happy.:nogood:
  7. Hi, I just bought my black Caviar in Hong Kong last week, mine is made in Italy and there's no gap when close, I am not sure what you mean by "The quilting is also not aligne with the CC clasp" , but I took a pic that shows the frontal view of my clutch, hope that helps:

    BlackCaviar Clutch1.JPG

  8. purly - I haven't put anything in there yet so nothing stuck in the opening. I can clearly see the white paper stuffing inside the clutch.

    IceEarl - Thanks for the pictures, I consider your clutch perfectly aligne. Your CC is right at the V mine is off. (hope someone understand what I mean)
  9. oic...then I would call the SA and ask for an exchange if that's the case,
    hope you'll get it sorted out soon.
  10. Here are the pics, Kasmom. I definitely don't think the bag should be gaping like this...


  11. I have seen it in the boutique. Seems not to have any gap; v tightly closed - like nothing can drop out, not even say a bead :smile: maybe u ought to have it changed?
  12. mpark46, thank you again!

    This is a charge and send so exchange might not be easy. The closest Saks with Chanel is almost 2 hours from me and the only one they have is a display. I don't know what to do :confused1:
  13. It should be perfect in my opinion.

    Mine just came from NM (trying to miss the price increase!), I need to go home and inspect it closely now!
  14. maybe give the store a call and see what they advise. :/ for that much money i agree with ela1235.. it should be perfect!
  15. I would return it and get it somewhere else if all they have is the display clutch left. Perhaps a Chanel boutique can send you a new one?