Help with thought on Medallion vs Modern Chain for everyday bag?


Which would you choose as an "Everyday workhorse" bag?

  1. Medallion tote?

  2. Modern Chain e/w?

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  1. HI Chanel ladies,

    I’ve now corrupted my sister in law and she’s now hooked on Chanel too!:graucho::graucho:

    She had purchased a GST but didn’t care for it and is now looking at the Medallion tote and Modern Chain E/W.
    She would be using it as an everyday bag –
    I’d like to ask if I could get your thoughts on which style you prefer and why?

    I really value your time, input and thoughts.:smile:
    Thank you!!
  2. I voted for the Medallion. I don't think it's as heavy as the MC and it might be more comfortable on the shoulder although I can't speak from experience b/c I have never tried on the MC IRL. I have tried on the Med and it's really comfortable in the crook of arm, handheld, or on the shoulder.
  3. I love the design of the MC, but it does feel a bit heavy (I tried it on at the boutique). It's also a *bit* trendy.

    The Medallion is much more classic and seems it would be a great daily bag, although I've never even tried it on. People seem to love their Medallion totes though as there have been many threads raving about them!
  4. Thanks for your thoughts!
    I've never owned a Medallion - seems like a classic.
    How long has that style been around?
  5. i actually tried the MC e/w tote and it's gorgeous. it's not that heavy and it's very roomy. so i guess it really depends on how much stuff you're going to carry around... the MC is alot larger than the medallion.
  6. I agree with you Jeshika, I don't think the Modern Chain is that heavy.

    I guess maybe the Medallion is a more structured bag and the Modern Chain not.
  7. oooh I LOVE both. If she needs a bigger bag definately get the MC. It's too big for me so I went for the medallion.