Help with this. . .

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  1. hello ladies i just wanted to know what color and leather this bag has. thanks:yes:

  2. I´m so bad with greens, I don´t know sorry.
  3. its okay nola. how about the leather? ;)
  4. my guess is vert anis togo, it has a little bit of veining.
  5. Because there is no close-up Togo would be my guess too:yes:
  6. jen, it looks like Chartreuse in Taurillon Clemence to me. Clemence is a buttery soft leather that takes color very well and has a slight slouch. HTH! :smile:

    ETA: Vert Anis Togo bags usually have contrast olive brown stitching. The one that you posted has tone-on-tone stitching, which I see on chartreuse clemence bags.

    Vert Anis Togo Birkin
  7. i am quite confused if it is vert anis or charteruse (sp?) and i thought it was togo in the beginning but now I am not sure. I'll look for more closeup pics so it can help you girls see what kind of leather it is close up

    thanks for the replies gigi, haute couturess and nola:heart:
  8. looks like togo
  9. I am leaning towards Clemence - as there is slouch in the leather.
    Color: I am leaning towards Chartreuse as it's more dull, the Vert Anis is a tad brighter than the Chartreuse and it POPs abit more.
  10. this is a closeup of the leather of the bag
  11. gigi, from the pics of the chartreuse it looks dark green the one from eBay. How come the bag i posted looks bright green?
  12. :heart: thanks princessfrog and umamanikam