Help with this mulberry on the snap inside as this wrote ok.0973628

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  1. I bought this purse/wallet from a charity shop as a snap fastener inside on it it has this 0k. 0973628
    20190109_155237.jpg 20190109_155259.jpg 20190109_155048.jpg 20190109_155309.jpg 20190109_155055.jpg 20190109_155327.jpg 20190109_155336.jpg 20190109_155136.jpg
  2. I'd suggest you get it authenticated. If the charity also had an online listing for the purse, you can use the service here via the Authenticate this Mulberry thread (you need to provide a link to a listing) but if there is no link, I suggest you use the services of a formal authenticator such as Authenticate4u.