Help with this KOOBA

  1. i also asked for additional pictures, which she supplied :


  2. [​IMG]
  3. my first instinct is to say it's not authentic , BUT i am very new to all this and kooba too..i bought a kooba ada and got it today in terraine color (tan) and the leather grain/bumps (is that what you call it?) on it is not consistent, which is an indication that it is authentic, being that it should have different sized 'bumps' and this bag doesn't to me, at least in the pic...i coudl be totally talking out of my b*tt right now, so maybe wait for others to respond too..that was just my first instinct....
  4. i've heard about the leather not being consistent,
    but since i've never seen a kooba upclose, it's hard for me to tell.
    i followed the basic indications like the zipper, and the sides though :smile:
  5. The texture of the leather looks a little too even to me. I have a Sienna of the same color, and it's not as evenly pebbled. :smile:
  6. =[
  7. It does look fake to me. There are many things that don't look right to me. Definitely the texture. The hardware doesn't hit me as correct. The bag is too flat/mushy IMO, and I also feel the braided tie looks a bit off. The bag looks too perfect if you know what I mean. I say pass to be safe.
  8. i wouldn't risk it...there are SO many sites with the sienna on sale right now that it's not worth it to ebay, IMHO
  9. thank you so much girls! i guess i`m going to pass on this one. :flowers:

    what sites have the sienna for sale?! :nuts:
  10. has many Kooba bags for 25% off now, including Siennas of two colors. And there are some consignment stores - just go to Deals & Steals section to see, :smile:
  11. The metal looks a little to clean and shiny to me.
  12. That leather looks off (too pebbled) and the bag seems too slouchy on the top.
  13. Doesn't look good to me either. That pebbling is very even and consistant. I would pass this up. The 2006 Black Siennas are heavily pebbled and very uneven. Looks too shiny and just not right. I only have a few people on ebay I'd buy a Kooba from and this seller isn't one of them.
  14. Anyone interested in knowing more about how to spot a fake KOOBA, please see my Ebay guide eBay Guides - BEWARE FAKE KOOBA HANDBAGS BEING SOLD AS AUTHENTIC

    If you have trouble with the link, just do a search for my user name christid2303 and click on the link that says "Top 1,000 Reviewer". Or you can simply search "Kooba" and look to the left of the screen in the yellow part for the words "Beware Fake Kooba" and click on that.

    There are so many fake Koobas on Ebay that I'm trying to help people know the difference. If you have any questions feel free to email me at