Help with this Jumbo flap

  1. Does anyone know if this bag is currently available and if so, for how much?
    I belive this is the Jumbo flap in washed Caviar with MM lock and dark
    silver chain. I stole this picture from somewhere on the forum and saved it onto my desktop but I now don't know who it belongs to - apologies!

    I'm totally clueless when it comes to flaps so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. eiffel21 has it and bought it for $2,250. Might want to shoot her a PM for the style #.

  3. Hmm chanelfans bought it in Sept '07 for $2,595 from Neiman Marcus. Price must have increased from $2,250 to that.

  4. Ahh here's the style code:
    Sac Class Rabat
    94305 (black/noir)
  5. This was always $2595. Never $2250. She must have gotten lucky.
  6. Thanks missisa07! You've been a great help!
  7. I got mine at NMs last month.
  8. NM San Antonio still has this bag
  9. Thank you! I'm actually in Manila and will not be able to get it until January (am also still deciding between this and the 227 Reissue)