Help with this Hayden-Harnett question!

  1. [​IMG]Does anyone own the Mercer satchel in pewter? I have the opportunity to get this Mercer satchel. It's sold out on the Hayden-Harnett website, so I can't double-check the color there. Here's my question: I have the Mercer clutch in pewter and it's different: a darker pewter color. like this:[​IMG]IRL, it looks that dark. The satchel pictured above, though, looks like a light silver color, as does the carryall in pewter pictured on the H-H website. So, my question is, is the Mercer satchel in pewter for some reason actually a lighter color, or is the color off in this picture? I know it sounds nitpicky, but I don't need 2 bags of the same color, but if it is lighter than the one I have I would LOOOOVE to add it to my collection. HELP!
  2. The colors will be varied on the photographs, but I'm pretty positive that all of the leathers are the same color... ex: The poppy red Nico will be the same color as the poppy red mercer satchel.
  3. ^^ I agree w/ Luna. The color should be the same. Pics are deceiving. Don't go by pics alone.
  4. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I own the Mercer satchel in pewter. Its color is much closer to the bottom picture of the clutch you posted. Hope that helps.
  5. ^^^ I agree. I have another HH in pewter and it is also the bottom picture.
  6. i think you should use your current Pewter for color reference, instead of the pics. lighting is always a big factor.