Help with this Ferragamo bag

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  1. Thanks! I have seen it irl and love it.
  2. Stunning bag!
  3. Call the Ferragamo outlet in Aurora.
  4. This is a hot bag in real life! Bluefly price is OK - especially if you use the 15% discount. Their current price is cheaper than retail. Its called a gancio satchel on Neiman and Saks pages I believe.
  5. I would try one of the Ferragamo outlets. There is one in Woodbury Commons. There are quite a few of them across the country. There is also one in Orlando. I don't know where the others ones are.
  6. I did run into someone who told me they got theirs on sale at Saks, but that it was at least a couple of years ago. I think this bag has really taken off in the last year or two, and you aren't going to find one on sale. Bluefly's price is probably about the best you'll find on this bag. The black one is hard to find even at retail.
  7. That bag is from 3/4 seasons least that color.

    Now the MARISA is being made in both KIDSKIN ($1050) and CALFSKIN ($1090)

    Current colors:

    black, white, lemon, khaki (dark green), brown

    CALFSKIN: (new for pre-fall, already in stores)
    black, fieno (wheat), sasso (pewter metallic), fawn