Help with this...Fakes are NEVER in Fashion

  1. Harpers magazine is working with anti counterfeiting commitee's to bring counterfeiting to an end. Most of us have been conned at one time and most of us have seen fakes blatenly on sale.

    Well it's time to step up do you bit to end these fakes if you see a fake on sale anywhere report it! If you buy a fake on eBay report it.

    You do need an address of where the fake is so at the minute we can only report those sold on streets, stores or something you actually receive from eBay (you'll have the seller address) rather than just eBay listings BUT ever bit helps.

    Do your bit & help spread the word PLEASE
  2. Thanks so much for a great post!
  3. You're absolutely right about this!
  4. Finally!
  5. I used that link to report a purse party I was invited to a couple weeks back LOL, don't think they actually showed up though!
  6. Great post - could this be a sticky?
  7. I have two I will go and fill this out thankyou so much the more thats done the better
    but as long as they are selling cartloads in spanish markets for ten quid each, I dont think they will ever stop it truly

    but it all helps
    great thread
  8. please report fakes even if you think it won't make any difference it only takes a minute BUT not reporting it definately doesn't make a difference