Help with this Chanel Flap!

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  1. I bought this today from Saks, it has really soft lambskin, orange color. After I got home, I had some doubts, how come I have never seen this on Chanel's website? They only had one. Has anyone seen this bag before? Which year is it? Thanks a lot!

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  2. maybe it's old stock. sometimes the bags get hidden or forgotten in their stock room. what is the number on the box? there's an interesting thread on the forum that coaches you on how to read chanel tags for more info.
  3. Thanks! I figured out from the Authenticity Tag that this is a 2007 bag. Searched online but still couldn't find anything. I am nervous because I heard that sometimes there are fake returns. :sad:
  4. It's the Diagonal CC flap. Beautiful color!
  5. If you got it from the Chanel boutique at Saks you are fine! Congrats on your purchase, is this your first Chanel?
  6. I saw it in baby blue at Hong Kong Chanel at 5 Canton last Sep but the SA had it kept in the closet and said it was not for that season.
  7. Nice flap...hope u are still able to find one in the stores~
  8. I really like that bag! great find :smile:
  9. You don't have to worry, your bag is perfectly authentic. The boutiques and department stores don't take back fake bags that Chanel never made.
  10. i think it's very unique...i like it :smile:
  11. Congrats! It's a pretty one!
  12. That's a really cute bag. It is my absolute lifelong favorite color for a handbag. Others are pretty but something about that rich tan color really melts my heart. ENJOY!!
  13. it's a pretty bag, u should be happy :yes:
  14. Thanks you guys so much! I am feeling much better now. :smile: