Help with this Birkin 30 leather!

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  1. A friend in Paris helped me got this Birkin from Paris - Birkin 30 in Potiron with Palladium Hardware.

    The only question is: the leather on the tag says Buli Calf? Could this be Bull Calf which is Clemence? But she paid 6,850 Euros which seems a bit high for a Clemence (someone else got me a Birkin 30 in Togo for 5,400 Euros two weeks ago so I would imagine the Clemence to be no more than 6,000 Euros?).

    Can someone help me out here? Thanks a million!

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  2. actually (your picture is not great no offense) i believe it is a new leather...there were some new leathers for this year that were very grainy and tumbled like this. but i may be wrong!;)
  3. Sorry for the poor picture. My friend took it on her phone camera (she is still in Paris) and sent it to me via MMS :smile:
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    Mimster - I don't know but I'm attaching the photo from that ebay listing and it looks eerily identical. (In the ebay listing, it's the second photo posted)

    Item: Birkin 30 cm clemence potiron
    Listing number: 150467966990
    Seller: dameyouyou

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  5. Sure does.
  6. Good catch Mimster.

    Haute_brands, something funny is going on with either you or your friend. Your story does not check out.
  7. OP - what gives?
  8. Lyanna Stark - Oops, cross post! :smile:
  9. This is someone I just got to know. Thanks for the alert, ladies. I'm asking her if the picture she gave me was of the actual bag she bought. Waiting for a sms...
  10. Mimster and lala28, you two are godsends. Called her and managed to get a refund. I can't thank you enough :flowers:
  11. You have to ask yourself why would a virtual stranger, whom you downgraded from addressing as a friend btw, would use thousands of her own money to buy a bag for you and risk being stuck with it if you don't follow through with paying for it. If this is true, I hope you did not lose any money.
  12. Lyanna :tup:
  13. strange thread........LOL!

    This bag was discussed in the AUTH thread.......oiy vey!
  14. The tag shows dollars, not Euro. And the story here is.....odd.