help with this bag - new to chanel

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  1. My NM had at least one of these a week or so ago, it definitely comes in black, I think thats the one I tried on. You can call Shannon at {972}629-1700 and explain it to her.
    Tell her Manda said "HI" if you do!
    I LOVEd this little bag/clutch. . . you can wear it w/ one chain messenger style or double them up for the shoulder, it's SO light and comfy! :yes
  2. omg really! ill have to call, will they ship to pa? that's where i live and the closer NM is 2 hours away in king of prussia.
    thanks soo much!
  3. Absolutely! Shannon will ship out of the country! She's awesome!
  4. the first one they released was black!!! its AWESOME

    they have had so many colors in this...

    do you know its black w/ silver now?
  5. thanks for your help! i called that number (shannon wasn't available to help.. sorry swanky) but they did have that purse in black! i guess the purses they had at the store were scratched? and the SA called me back saying they had like 40-60 in the warehouse and i wouldnt have to pay for shipping:yahoo: and it should be here by wednesday! i'm so excited this will be my first chanel purse and i'm sure not my last!
    thanks for your help!
  6. oh cool! Was it Kimberly by chance?
  7. that bag is ALWAYS there lol i remember the white/pink/black display
  8. there is a beautiful red on ebay at the moment
  9. umm im not sure she said her name but said it really fast.. so im not really sure who helped me out lol
  10. theres a kimberly? cool.... i never knew... or i never pay attention, its usually maria and shannon who helps me :biggrin:D