Help! With this amazing large yellow PRADA!

  1. Hi there. I know this bag is fake b/c it's on ioffer for $50 ... BUT, I want to know if it's an actual style and where I can find it...I LOVE it! It's about 17 X 13....I LOVE it :tender:
  2. pics?
  3. oops. Sorry! Here is the pic...
  4. I'll move this to the Prada Forum for you ;)
  5. I've seen bags like this all around the city... the huge zipper pull detail is a give away. I really don't think an Authentic prada like this exists... but hey, I guess I could be wrong?
  6. Thanks! That really sux LOL!!! I REALLY want a large leather prada like's the perfect size. Figures ;) That happened with me and an MJ. I fell in love with a fakie leather quilted Anna and called MJ in NYC :shame: to find out quickly that it didn't exist!

    p.s. thanks for moving my post!!! I got nervous that I violated some forum rules bc I couldn't find the thread!
  7. no, no! we just like to keep everything neat! LOL!
  8. I've seen those bags on quite a few people... but I've never looked up at them closely.. I wonder if they all have the "Prada" embossing on the metal turnlock...

  9. It's such a shame if that's not an actual style LOL...It SHOULD be! I think it's awesome!!! I haven't seen many with that lock but I've seen some...who know..maybe they are all fakies! That bag almost makes me want a fakie LOL...:P Almost. :rolleyes:
  10. Yeah I am pretty sure it's a fake as well. :Push:
  11. Fake..Prada doesnt make that style
  12. Thanks everyone! Does anyone know of any Prada styles like this one???
  13. its a dolce and gabbana.....not sure if its a knock off or not...but its Dolce&Gabbana
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