Help with this Alma please!

New comment: watermarks can be difficult to remove. Like LV_addict suggested, you can try babywipes. So far, I haven't had any luck removing watermarks (and I've tried everything)...and replacing vachetta can be really expensive...

But...since the vachetta looks a little light, maybe it can even out over time...?
I don't think that's going to come out. I've seen Alma's very reasonably on E-bay - I would be a little patient and keep looking. I saw one go just two or three days ago for about $320.00 and it was gorgeous - no marks anywhere. I think you can find a nicer one. As much as like Let-Trade, I think that bag is overpriced for the condition it is in. Good luck!
So in your very experienced opinions, do you think this is a good bag for me to purchase? I know it's real I just mean with the watermarks and scuffing. BTW. Does it look like there's a lot of scuffing on this bag or is that pretty common with this type of bag?
I think you'll be able to find one in much better condition for a better price if you keep looking around. That vachetta on that one is sorta rough and I'm not sure if it's fixable.
Is there another place I could look besides Ebay? I don't think I have permission to go into your marketplace yet. Does anyone post bags for sale other than those 2 places that you could recommend?