Help with this Alma please!

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  1. NVM, stupid post from me. It's too early for me.
  2. They seem to be all over the bag. You can probably even the color of vachetta out by using baby wipes.
  3. Really??? Does that work? I never knew that!!! Thank you so much for your suggestion!!
  4. New comment: watermarks can be difficult to remove. Like LV_addict suggested, you can try babywipes. So far, I haven't had any luck removing watermarks (and I've tried everything)...and replacing vachetta can be really expensive...

    But...since the vachetta looks a little light, maybe it can even out over time...?
  5. I don't think that's going to come out. I've seen Alma's very reasonably on E-bay - I would be a little patient and keep looking. I saw one go just two or three days ago for about $320.00 and it was gorgeous - no marks anywhere. I think you can find a nicer one. As much as like Let-Trade, I think that bag is overpriced for the condition it is in. Good luck!
  6. So in your very experienced opinions, do you think this is a good bag for me to purchase? I know it's real I just mean with the watermarks and scuffing. BTW. Does it look like there's a lot of scuffing on this bag or is that pretty common with this type of bag?

  7. It won't get rid of them completely but will slightly make the marks even. I do agree with C-M that a better one WILL come along!
  8. do not buy just keep looking
  9. I think you'll be able to find one in much better condition for a better price if you keep looking around. That vachetta on that one is sorta rough and I'm not sure if it's fixable.
  10. Is there another place I could look besides Ebay? I don't think I have permission to go into your marketplace yet. Does anyone post bags for sale other than those 2 places that you could recommend?
  11. Let-trade priced it reasonably according to it's condition. Not a bad buy for an authentic ALMA. However, it does look seasoned!
  12. I would wait, another one WILL come along...