Help with this adorable T-Shirt!

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  1. I got this magazine with my vouge subscription in the mail today, the magazine is called Fashion Rocks. All it says is 180 Grammes T-Shirt $55...I did a search and nothing came up! Anyone know anything about this? I have to have it, it's just too cute! TIA! :smile:

  2. Hmm, nothing comes up on Google either. Wierd.

    Usually in the back of Vogue there's this whole index with places you can call to get the featured merchandise.

    Hope you have some more luck finding that's too cute!
  3. The back of the magazine says 180 Grammes T-shirt; estella NYC...guess I'll look in google for Estella shops or something of the like...thx for the tip, I'm a ditz I didn't think to look in the back of the magazine lol :smile:
  4. Is that girl next to a picture of Debbie Harry?? OMG my dad is such a hag!, he was doing that issue for 2 months,and he never tells me that my idol was in it!... btw the shirt is cute =]
  5. haha yea, she was, it was a whole page spread...I'll scan it again and post it for ya moms on the comp w/ the scanner right now :smile:
  6. I have this same magazine, and while I do not know much about that cute shirt, I do know many of the merchandise featured in it. I think some of the stuff in this issue is really cool.
  7. Ok Jadore, this is for you! ;)

  8. did you try
  9. AAAAAAH thanks! I love Debbie Harry!,blondies music is so awsome!. I knew it was her by the title "the tide is high".. all my dad dis this month is on the september issue not the rocks issue!
  10. haha np! Happy to help a fan out :smile:
  11. hi!..yeah ur right it is really hard to find the site i luv the shirt too,try i searched on this web site and it was like french site it says the site is unavaillable right now (but we can try)..let me know too.:tup: gudluck!
  12. I have not tried that yet...I sahll though, thank you!