Help with these two bags?

  1. Which one do you think is more functional:

    The bowler or the flap bag and does the bowler come in two different sizes ?
  2. They are both gorgeous bags; you can't go wrong either way. I would say it depends on how easily accessible you want your items to be. Do you want to quickly reach in and remove your stuff, or would you feel safer having the flap overlap the top and not mind flipping it back and forth?

    Assuming you are refering to the Luxury line, the Bowler comes in three sizes. Medium is the size that fits over the shoulder best.
  3. I have the flap and totally prefer for me.
    BUT, teh bowler's are more practical IMO.
    The Med Bowler is the most coverted.
    The small resembles a taco {seriously!}
    and the large is too massive for a lot of people.

    I must have gigantic arms {I'm a 6/8} because I can't fit the Med Bowler on my shoulder comfortably enough to carry it, so I went w/ the flap and I LOVE it!
  4. Thanks that helps. Does anyone have pics of the bowlers in the three sizes and is there a SA you prefer? And is there a color that is recommended?
  5. I looove the bowler in all sizes & colors!
  6. I ADORE Shannon at Neiman Marcus in Plano, TX. She works hard for me!
    I prefer metallic black personally in Med, but they're impossible to find from what I understand.
    There's a black, metallic black, a coral color, silver and gold. . . not sure if the red one came in a bowler or not{?}