help with these Chloe shoes......

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  1. oooh Mona those are cute! They run a bit big the 7.5 will probably fit like a 7!
  2. I have these shoes in a 39.5 and I usually wear a 39 in flats. So you should be fine. They are on sale at NAP too:
  3. Thanks everyone....they should be just right!

    I like the ones you found Ali!
  4. I was looking for this same pair of flats in bone with no luck for my large feet. According to NAP, they run a half size larger (believe it or not):

    Some websites identify this shoe as candbury flats- a place called Diani boutique (dot com) has them for full price in the full size range. Can you let us know how they really fit you when you get them?


  5. Now I am confused about the size but I will have to trust my fellow pfers who have them or have tried them on!
  6. I didn't know eBay had such a selection of chloe shoes( I'm in trouble now)!!! IMO you should definately go a half size bigger to be safe.

  7. ooops, I meant to say they run small:noggin:
  8. Whoops! I just went to the closet and got them out. I hadn't worn them since I got them in May. I actually got a 38.5, not a 39.5 (I have the high-heel version of this shoe also, and that one is a 39.5, so I mixed them up). They fit ok but I probably could've used a 39. And if I had just waited until the sales started... ah well!

    In my experience, Chloe shoes vary in size. I have these flats, the high-heel version, and a few other pairs and they are all over the map. I have one pair in a 38.5 and would've been better with a 38.. and have another in a 39.5 that fits like a glove!
  9. Damn, so what to do?

  10. I read in the Glass Slipper they run 1/2 size small. So go up .5.

    Good Luck. I love that whiskey color in a shoe!!!!!!!
  11. Get the 7.5. I think that will work fine:yes:!
  12. Ok my fingers are crossed.....