Help with the vernis houston.

  1. Hi im trying to find out as bit more about this bag. I'm trying to do my research before buying!
    Inside the bag what is the lining usually made out of? Has anyone got any pictures of the inside of one?
    Also the heat stamp is it embossed straight onto the material or is it usually sewn straight on?
    Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. Sorry, I don't have any pics at the moment. But the lining is made of a smooth leather that matches the color of the bag. The heat stamp is stamped directly into the leather lining. It is not sewn on.
  3. I had a Houston and I have sold it on eBay. I hate it, that the zip is soooo close and I have scratched my hands when I was going in and out of the bag. :tdown:I recommend to try out the bag before you buy it (I would never buy it online). That's just my opinion. Good luck!!